Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anorexia and Bulimia of the Spirit. by Evangelist Keysha Harrell

God showed me that we have a epidemic in the church that has gone untreated. Spiritual anorexia and bulimia is running rampant in the church and needs to be addressed.

Spiritual anorexia, fear of change is when one sit up under the word of God,but continues to reject it because of the fear of growth, fear of change, fear of POWER (its also called "I don't want to grow up syndrome"). This person comes to church occasionally and really never interacts or gets involved, nor commit to the body or the leadership of whom he or she is under. This person doesn't see their self as the church but everyone else, so they never grow.

Spiritual Bulimia is a christian who is always at church,at every service, at every function, works diligently in the house of the Lord, always volunteering. They love the thrill of Praise and worship, and being noticed. They can quote the word of God, but they never take the time to digest the things of the word, live the word and walk in the word. They leave the church empty every service just to come back to do it again until they are so drained that living for God is not an option any more.

Body of Christ, its time to address the real issue...WHY is this disorder allowed to be rampant in the church and how do we address it?

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