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GOD increase our ability to hear You accurately so that we do not offer anything of ourselves that is carnal in nature but only that which is of You God, by worshiping you in spirit and in truth God, that we only offer the best of sacrifice to give you a tribute, an offering, that is to acknowledge Who You are, God Almighty, the Great I Am, Who is worthy to be praised! Forgive us for areas where we the Church have been deceived and out of ignorance offered up any strange fire at your Holy altar. God remove the defilement from the cursed offering in Jesus Name! Let not what has been offered in abhorrence and defilement to you God be on our hands any longer in Jesus Name! God purify us and purge us of all ungodly fire, any spirit that is not Holy Spirit, that would be in operation God! I take the Sword of the Spirit right now and cut it off of Your Bride, Your Church, God and I command that foul spirit to loose Your Church and go into the abyss in Jesus Name!God I call in the Fear of the Lord to cause us to yield in full surrender to Your plans and purposes, Your Holy Protocol, where we do not approach the Holy things of the Lord and defile them because of carnality or any other spirit in Jesus Name!

For the last few months everywhere I have turned I keep coming across the word “tribute.” Tribute means to offer a gift or present to another you esteem as acknowledgement. Therefore, a tribute is likened to an offering as in God's Word. Then God began to speak to me regarding the tribute (offering) His people are offering to Him is causing some to be under a curse without knowing it and that many are perishing as a result.

Holy Spirit has been showing me that there are things in God's Church where we think we are doing the work of the Lord as it relates to His Holy House and the Holy things of His House. Through our carnality and other spirits we are offering up a strange fire, that which is not pure and Holy to the Lord and is an abomination to Him. He said it is time now for My church to yield to My plans and preparation as it relates to entering into Holiness so that we do not walk with presumption or in error. For many He said are suffering unnecessary illness and disease because of defiling His Holy Temple. The Spirit of God said that He is about to bring a measure of His Holy Spirit in many churches that is as in the time of Acts and we are to truly seek Him as to how we are to go about entering into His House for His meetings in reverence and awe, yielding fully to His protocol and not man’s protocol or agenda. Holy Spirit came on me recently in worship with the Fear of the Lord and I began to tremble and my legs were weak I could barely stand. All I could do was weep in travail as I saw the profanity through God's eyes and it pierced my heart.

4But Nadab and Abihu died before the Lord when they offered strange fire before the Lord in the Wilderness of Sinai; and they had no children. So Eleazar and Ithamar ministered in the priest's office in the presence and under the supervision of Aaron their father. Numbers 3:4

Here, Aaron is the priest for Israel and all of His sons are to follow in the priesthood as Aaron. It is only the priests that could approach and administer to the Lord God and partake of administering and handling the “Holy” things in which they ministered to the Lord. Anyone else who would attempt to handle or that would approach to minister to the Lord would instantly die.

10And you shall appoint Aaron and his sons, and they shall observe and attend to their priest's office; but the excluded [anyone daring to assume priestly duties or privileges who is not of the house of Aaron and called of God] who comes near [the holy things] shall be put to death. Numbers 3:10

Therefore, King Uzziah was struck instantly by God with a curse because he approached God’s holy instruments and did contrary to the Lord God’s instructions.

16But when [King Uzziah] was strong, he became proud to his destruction; and he trespassed against the Lord his God, for he went into the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the altar of incense. 17And Azariah the priest went in after him and with him eighty priests of the Lord, men of courage. 18They opposed King Uzziah and said to him, It is not for you, Uzziah, to burn incense to the Lord, but for the priests, the sons of Aaron, who are set apart to burn incense. Withdraw from the sanctuary; you have trespassed, and that will not be to your credit and honor before the Lord God. 19Then Uzziah was enraged, and he had a censer in his hand to burn incense. And while he was enraged with the priests, leprosy broke out on his forehead before the priests in the house of the Lord, beside the incense altar. 2 26:16-19

God showed me that likewise the Church has approached His Holy things in a condition and state that is contrary to His instruction and we have brought upon ourselves God’s judgment and are suffering curses as a result of this act of profanity. God says that He is looking for a Holy and set a part group of people that are dedicated to only doing what the Lord God instructs them. As we stand in the righteousness of Jesus Christ and offer our praise and worship to the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart God the Father will receive our sweet incense an worship.


When we look at the two sons of Aaron that offered strange fire upon the altar to the Lord in God’s Word two things incredibly are revealed.

4But Nadab and Abihu died before the Lord when they offered strange fire before the Lord in the Wilderness of Sinai; and they had no children. So Eleazar and Ithamar ministered in the priest's office in the presence and under the supervision of Aaron their father. Numbers 3:4.

Nadab in Hebrew means father of worship and Abihu in Hebrew means liberal, spontaneous and impelled. God then showed me what is happening in His house where judgment is falling upon many that have not reverenced Him. He showed me that in the place of worship, where we enter in to offer God the sweet smelling savor of our worship, which is fragrant and we are ending up instead offering a liberal and spontaneous worship, we are impelled to offer God out of carnality or of another spirit that is of satan, has profaned God. As a result, we have stirred up God's jealousy which has caused the curse of aborting destinies, and churches under this curse have a spiritual and natural wasting away as indicated in Numbers in regard to the woman that has committed adultery. In Numbers 5 most of the chapter is given over to how to deal with a woman who has committed adultery and in the Amplified Numbers 5:14 speaks of a “spirit of jealousy” that comes upon the husband. The woman is to go through a process where she is to partake of bitter waters and declare an oath that if she has committed adultery the curse would come upon her as a result. The curse will cause the woman’s body to swell and her thigh to fall off.

14And if the spirit of jealousy comes upon him and he is jealous and suspicious of his wife who has defiled herself--or if the spirit of jealousy comes upon him and he is jealous and suspicious of his wife though she has not defiled herself-- 15Then shall the man bring his wife to the priest, and he shall bring the offering required of her, a tenth of an ephah of barley meal; but he shall pour no oil upon it nor put frankincense on it [symbols of favor and joy], for it is a cereal offering of jealousy and suspicion, a memorial offering bringing iniquity to remembrance. 16And the priest shall bring her near and set her before the Lord. 17And the priest shall take holy water [probably from the sacred laver] in an earthen vessel and take some of the dust that is on the floor of the tabernacle and put it in the water. 18And the priest shall set the woman before the Lord, and let the hair of the woman's head hang loose, and put the meal offering of remembrance in her hands, which is the jealousy and suspicion offering. And the priest shall have in his hand the water of bitterness that brings the curse. 19Then the priest shall make her take an oath, and say to the woman, If no man has lain with you and if you have not gone astray to uncleanness with another instead of your husband, then be free from any effect of this water of bitterness which brings the curse. 20But if you have gone astray and you are defiled, some man having lain with you beside your husband, 21Then the priest shall make the woman take the oath of the curse, and say to the woman, The Lord make you a curse and an oath among your people when the Lord makes your thigh fall away and your body swell. 22May this water that brings the curse go into your bowels and make your body swell and your thigh fall away. And the woman shall say, So let it be, so let it be. 23The priest shall then write these curses in a book and shall wash them off into the water of bitterness; 24And he shall cause the woman to drink the water of bitterness that brings the curse, and the water that brings the curse shall enter into her [to try her] bitterly. 25Then the priest shall take the cereal offering of jealousy and suspicion out of the woman's hand and shall wave the offering before the Lord and offer it upon the altar. 26And the priest shall take a handful of the cereal offering as the memorial portion of it and burn it on the altar, and afterward shall cause the woman to drink the water. 27And when he has made her drink the water, then if she is defiled and has committed a trespass against her husband, the curse water which she drank shall be bitterness and cause her body to swell and her thigh to fall away, and the woman shall be a curse among her people. 28But if the woman is not defiled and is clean, then she shall be free [from the curse] and be able to have children. 29This is the law of jealousy and suspicion when a wife goes aside to another instead of her husband and is defiled, 30Or when the spirit of jealousy and suspicion comes upon a man and he is jealous and suspicious of his wife; then shall he set the woman before the Lord, and the priest shall execute on her all this law. 31The [husband] shall be free from iniquity and guilt, and that woman [if guilty] shall bear her iniquity. Numbers 5:14-31.

In Numbers 5:24 we see that after the woman drinks the “water of bitterness” that the manifestation as to her adultery would occur by the curse, the iniquity of the law, coming upon her causing her to be in a state of barrenness and wasting away.

Holy Spirit began to convict me in the Fear of the Lord of times and cause a spirit of repentance by Holy Spirit to pour out upon me so that I would repent of any strange fire like Aaron’s sons that I and the Church might have offered in pride or arrogance in worship to the Lord. How many times have "we" set the protocol and agenda and usurped God’s Holy protocol to enter into worship and give a sweet smelling offering to Him through Christ Jesus in us making us the Salt of the Earth, to pour out on the cereal offering and using the oil of incense (Holy Spirit in us) waving a tribute of praise, an offering of praise the Lord God most High? How man times do we defile the Temple, His House, His Holy Place? How many of us have worshiped God with liberality not in line with His Spirit in us but of another spirit and as a result God’s law has caused a curse to fall upon us or our family, where we are wasting away having no fruitfulness in our lives, aborting God’s call; and causing us to be overtaken by the enemy through spiritual sickness and disease as that of King Uzziah getting leprosy and Aaron’s sons not having children.

I declare that Holy Spirit exposes to the light any areas in our personal lives, homes, ministries and churches where we have been impelled liberally in worship to offer up a strange fire to the Lord that has caused judgment on our lives, ministry, church, business, home and individual family members. I ask that God’s Holy Spirit brings to light in greater measure, areas in which we are not yielded to His protocol and that Holy Spirit comes upon us in repentance in Jesus Name!

God I ask that you humble us and make us broken and contrite before you to see with Your eyes clearly and hear with Your ears clearly so that we only offer that which is of Your Spirit to You God. God demonstrates the very same thing will result on us as it relates in Holy Communion as to the curse falling upon us; the iniquity of the law. As we see the results of God’s judgment in Holy Communion it is the same thing as in with the adulteress woman.

26For every time you eat this bread and drink this cup, you are representing and signifying and proclaiming the fact of the Lord's death until He comes [again]. 27So then whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in a way that is unworthy [of Him] will be guilty of [profaning and sinning against] the body and blood of the Lord. 28Let a man [thoroughly] examine himself, and [only when he has done] so should he eat of the bread and drink of the cup. 29For anyone who eats and drinks without discriminating and recognizing with due appreciation that [it is Christ's] body, eats and drinks a sentence (a verdict of judgment) upon himself. 30That [careless and unworthy participation] is the reason many of you are weak and sickly, and quite enough of you have fallen into the sleep of death. 1 Corinthians 11:26-30.

The scriptures in Numbers 5 regarding the adulteress woman of inserted in God’s Word between the work of the tribe of Levi to carefully handle and assist Aaron with the Holy articles and instruments of the Tabernacle in Numbers 4 and the Numbers 6 declaration of the Nazirite vow being holy and separated unto the Lord with the priestly blessing upon Israel. God has Numbers 5 in between both of these scriptures signifying that should we as a church behave as a harlot we will cause the iniquity of the law to fall upon us which is clearly identified in 1 Corinthians 11:26-30.

Prayer you can pray:

Father God forgive me for coming near Your Holy things and entering into worship in carnality or of any other spirit that is not of You God. Forgive me and all of my family, Forgive me for not standing on Your truth for how I am to approach You and the Holy things of Your Holy place God. Forgive me God for allowing my flesh or another spirit to impel me in liberality to worship you outside of Your Holiness and Your protocol. Forgive me Lord and remove this iniquity of Your Law that has placed a curse upon me or others in my family God because of offering strange fire on your altar, for offering worship to you in our carnality of pride of life God. Forgive us Oh Lord God! In Jesus Name! Forgive us God and restore to us the fullness of the righteousness of Jesus Christ who took the curse of the profanity that man offered and removed it from our nature God so that we would walk only in the spirit God. God breathe upon us the Fear of the Lord, restoring to us the Joy of our Salvation and prepare us to be Holy as You are Holy now this day Lord in Jesus Name! God rip asunder our agendas, our plans, where we are trying to make room for you or perform God, rip it up in Jesus Name! Only let Your Word be true and Your Holy Spirit guide us into the truth of Your Word and Your protocol so we do not usurp Your protocol but reverence you with reverential and worshipful Fear of the Lord in Jesus Name! Amen!

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