Saturday, April 28, 2012

Confession of an Addict - ME

I am compelled to confess. I am an addict. I have always had an addictive personality. In my past I have been addicted to substances. There are familiar patterns to my addictions.

  • I HAVE to have it...
  • I will go to great lengths to get it
  • I will shun places where my addition isn't going to be filed
  • I find myself hanging around with like addicts
  • I know there have been people thru-out history who have been addicted to this
  • This addiction is NOT legal in many places
  • Many people discount me for being an addict
  • Sometimes when I am really high I end up acting and speaking such that people think I am out of my mind, babbling they think
  • I find myself in places not all that respectable for my addiction
  • Some people try to feed me phony substance and my addiction is unsatisfied
  • Addiction isn't cheap, it will cost me everything, I am sure I will die addicted
  • Fellow addicts understand my addiction, the un-addicted don't get it
  • Many addicts are in prisons
  • I am a pusher, I am trying to hook others on this
  • People who are not addicted think I am out of my mind, unrealistic, believing myths
  • About the time I think I have enough, I need more. MORE is the eternal quest
  • If I go somewhere to get a fix and I am stood up, that place will lose me
  • The weak stuff is never satisfying. It must be the real thing
  • IF I get some bad stuff it's actually sickening
  • If I can't get some, I go thru withdrawal symptoms
  • There is no substitute... there is no imitation....
  • Only the real thing will do
You have my confession.

I guessing you have already figured this out.

  • I am addicted to the Presence of God
  • I am hooked on the Glory
  • I am constantly looking to find new levels of revelation, more Lord
  • I need a higher high in worship
  • I love those who love the same addiction, who get it
  • I am ready to lay down my life for my addiction, I already have
  • Too many phony baloney plastic banana preachers programs try to feed me fake stuff
  • When the goodness of God comes over me, There's nothing like it
  • I have traveled great distances to find a higher level
  • This is too good to keep to myself and that is a problem, many in government would like to silence me so others won't come into this
  • When the anointing of God comes over me, when the revelation comes, when I am caught up in worship I sometimes feel like I might float around the room, or be raptured out
  • It's unrealistic for me to expect any less than the miraculous

IF you are not yet an addict, I offer you this free of charge.

More Lord, MORE!

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