Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rob DeLuca: God Will Defend America - A New Move is Coming!

One Nation Under God

I see blessing coming to America again. I see containers of gold coming, I see them coming on ships representing that God is going to bless America. Because we have sown as a nation, we shall reap a harvest as a nation. We have sown finances into mission fields, we have sown missionaries into the mission field and we have sown much into the poor of the world and we shall reap.

We call forth the harvest, which will break the recession and break the power of the spirit that has tried to stop us from being blessed, in Jesus name! We prophesy, One Nation Under God! In God we trust and we shall be a blessed nation once again!

The Florida Harvest

I see something taking place once again in the state of Florida. Even as it has been known for the blessing of orange groves and crops, it shall be known as a land of spiritual harvest. Florida shall bring in a great harvest! Florida, the harvest is yours! This harvest is so great that it will bring a change to the neighboring states. Florida will cause a change to come forth in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Carolinas. I see fire coming up sweeping over the Florida state line.

The Strong Arm Of Texas

I see a strong arm coming out of the ground of Texas! Great strength will come from Texas! Men will gather and speak as one voice with great unity. This strong arm of unity will bring a great anointing and stability to this nation! God is going to use Texas in a powerful way to bring change to America.

New York Will Be Healed

No longer will you weep New York, for I see God is sending angels to you. I see men that carry the Shepherd's heart being sent to New York to start healing churches. This word will confirm to many who know they have been called to New York! You have been waiting, even since 9/11, and God is sending you now, arise, go plant and heal New York!


I see a pipeline coming through the state of California beginning in the north by Eureka, the State Line. It's coming down through Alaska, Canada, Washington and Oregon, all the way through the Golden State. This is a pipeline of oil coming through the State of California – no longer shall it only be in the north; I see it going all the way down through the central and southern parts of California. This pipeline is like what was prophesied in the Word about the plumb line coming down from the Heavens. I see this main pipeline being poured into other pipelines that go North, South, East and West. The pipeline follows the fault line.

I see a discovery is going to take place in California! While I was looking at the oil and the pipeline, I saw a hole in the ground with a massive blue flame coming out of it and this hole was right between Northern and Central California. The Lord is showing me that natural gas is in the land and it is going to bring blessing to California! Both natural and spiritual blessings are going to come to California and the natural discovery will be a prophetic sign of what God is about to do in the spirit. The fire will come out of the Californian state!

I also see big waves coming once again to California! They are hitting Northern California, up in the San Francisco and Santa Cruz area. These sets of big waves are starting to move down the coast. The currents and swells are starting to come down. Southern Cal, here it comes! These waves will also be a natural sign that big waves of God's glory are coming soon!

A New Movement Will Be Birthed Out Of the Current Movement

I see a very large angel, the size of a building, standing over California. I hear him saying, "I have been sent to bring change! To those that are willing to hear, I will bring great change. I have been sent to change the Church in this area. The Lord has sent me to bring change." To those that are willing to hear, great change will come!

The current movement will be changed and a new move of God will be birthed from the current movement. Did you hear that? There's something happening right now in this territory. The error that has not been addressed will begin to be corrected. Hear what is being said, be a part of it!

I see this new movement hitting a lot of churches. They are reaching for it and saying, "We want this too!" I see it going through old churches with wooden pews, I see it going through poor churches that don't have money, I see it going through middle class churches, and I even see it going through "Seeker-Friendly" churches. There is a new move that is coming and it is going to come out of the current move!

I see the Body of Christ being choked; I see this Body gasping for air. I know Jesus is the Head, but I see this Body of people gasping for air. But I also see a gust of wind going into the mouth and I see it bringing forth enough oxygen, enough life to shake free. I see the Body take a fresh gasp of air. There's something changing right now in the Body of Christ. New voices will arise in the coming season in the Body of Christ. There is a shaking coming, but it's going to be okay. Once again prophetic preachers will declare loud and clear the uncompromised Word of God in America. There won't just be speaking and teaching, but preaching will come again with power and authority!

Troops of Angels

I see troops of angels coming! The big angel in this word is a Royal Prince in God's Army and as he speaks, troops of angels are coming to help America! Even as when the Lord was born, there was an entrance and an increase of angels in the world, so they are coming again to prepare what is about to take place! We've been talking about it and it's going to happen more than ever in the seasons ahead.

We must know the Word of God and use discernment to know the difference between the false and the true. Between familiar spirits and the angels that have been sent by God. And the way you'll know is by peace and presence. Anything that brings confusion and fear is of the enemy – refute it, rebuke it and move on! There is coming an increase of messengers to the earth who have been sent by God to His people.

Father, we thank You for the freedom!


Rob DeLuca, Founder and Overseer
His Way Churches


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