Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seeing Darkly... But Seeing

Last night at Crusaders during the worship, one of the prophetic singers (who has blessed me often) began to sing a song of the Lord. Not from the front, from the podium, but from the back of the platform in humility and obedience. It was moving and anointed. I looked at a movement above her and there standing just in back of her was an angel. Very tall. Perhaps 12 feet. Not clearly seen, but clearly there. A manifestation of Glory for a moment. I was standing next to Bruce Foster and pointed the angel out.

When she stopped singing...the angel left. Disappeared.

I wasn't shocked, I was awed. Amazed. I looked away for a moment just to be sure; looking back then to see if the angel was still there. He was. There is a black drape behind where she was singing. There are lights, but this was no light show. I thought about the night of Jesus Birth...the angels appearing in song to the shepherds against a black sky backdrop.

I am bold to tell you of this not for my aggrandizement but to encourage you to keep your spiritual eyes open. To push back your flesh, your doubts, your fears and your need to see in the natural. Seeing in the supernatural requires faith to see... Seeing by faith as we walk by faith and not by sight.

I didn't make an issue of it. Apostle Christy Minger was leading the service and I could have, but it wasn't needed. I wouldn't interrupt the flow for a vision that perhaps I alone saw. It was directly after that when Apostle brought a word regarding wiping away a dark blot. That was more ministry than any description of an angel among us.

It does give us encouragement to keep our spiritual eyes and ears open. We are going to see and hear more of these things. They should become normative. Confirming the pleasure of God in our worship. The angels only do what Father says. They don't manifest on their own. Ministering spirits. They ministered to me.

It wasn't strange to see angels in the days when Jesus walked to earth, it hasn't been strange thru-out history, it wasn't strange to he Prophets of Old, why is it be strange to us today? Why and how did we become so blind when clearly we are meant to see...darkly of course, I can't describe much of what I saw last night, but SEEING matters.

I have had my eyes opened like Elisha's servant Gehazi. The Angels have always been there.. I just didn't see them.

Last night I dreamed about the late Dan Rothwell. My spiritual mentor. He was often there when people died. He told me of those episodes. How just as a master was about to pass the dog would begin to bark at what must have been a manifestation of an angel. One episode in particular, the dog saw something above the house and went wild as his master died. The dog wasn't in the room. But he clearly saw something. I am convinced, as Pastor Dan, was that the Dog could see something none of us could. Angels. Animals can see into the supernatural better than we do sometimes ...Balaam's donkey for example.

Lord, Give us all the vision into the supernatural that a Dog (or a donkey) has. Pure, without bias or reason, open.

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Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Thank you Gene for sharing and praying for vision.