Thursday, April 5, 2012

Arise and Awaken! Now is the time!!! Arise and Awaken!!! by Alicia Buda

I Received this note after publishing the Darkness and Light post below. I think it is a significant confirmation:

From Alicia:

This message is along the same lines as the one you posted on your blog and thought you would get some confirmation and joy out of reading it, here it is:

Arise and Awaken! Now is the time!!! Arise and Awaken!!! Will you not stand watch and sound the alarm in the hour of darkness as the enemy is rising up? My children do not slumber in the times ahead. You MUST stay vigilant and you MUST know my voice!!! Many will be deceived in this hour because they do not know and hear my voice.

~I want to share with all of you two visions that I hope will strike your heart and spur you into arms in this hour. On Friday night we were talking in a small group about the importance of knowing the Holy Spirit’s presence and His voice. The Holy Spirit showed me two beautiful apples. Both of them looked divine and without blemish. They looked the same, smelled the same, and tasted the same. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “Which one is good and of my, and which one isn’t?” I could not tell, and I asked “How can I tell?” then he replied, “It is by my Spirit that you know.” Then as I looked at the apples one turned black, and then into a skeleton while the other remained beautiful.

The second vision I received was as I was watching TV. I saw a man with influence speaking on television. Everyone in the room was enthralled by his words and praised him. As I continued to look I saw his tongue was a silver snake! Just because it looks good, sounds good, does not mean it is good. You need to know the spirit behind what is being said.

In this hour there will be many, especially within the church that will rise up along with God’s children. They will look good, sound good, quote scripture yet they will NOT BE OF HIM. You must know and hear His voice, know His spirit. If you are not taking quiet time with him you will be deceived. I encourage you, go back to the garden and sit with him. The time has come for all this to be released.

Matthew 24

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou Gene-I am meant to see this in order for my faith to be strengthened and to know I need to stop looking at what I have been. It is time for me to be quiet and hear my Saviour's voice and obey!