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Kathie Walters: The Swift Angels Are Here

Kathie WaltersAbout a month ago, I thought I was seeing things! When I looked at certain people I would see these small birds swirling above their heads – they were Swifts. No one told me that, but I knew in my spirit that that is what they were. There are things I don't know about Swifts, but I do know they can fly very fast (up to 70mph and more) and fly high and never touch the ground voluntarily.

They sleep on the wing, eat and drink on the wing, and even mate on the wing. They don't come to nest on the earth and almost always nest in buildings. On a side note, the most famous and oldest nesting place is the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Last count there were 88 pairs of Swifts on the wall and circling over Jerusalem. They just recently came back and they return the same day every year.

Then I began to see Swift-like angels moving very quickly among people.

Always Be Available and Ready to Go

I am always talking about being available and ready to go. Along these lines, I tell people about the angel from New Zealand who is always in my meetings there. He came to my house and sang to me the entire song from Aladdin, "A Whole New World." The song starts out with an invitation. Aladdin says to the Princess Jasmine, "Do you trust me?" and he holds out his hand to her. He takes her on a carpet ride and she gets a whole new perspective on everything. I hope you will take the opportunity to listen to that song.

When the angel sang that song, He said to me, "Kathie, there is a whole new world for you if you will believe it and receive it." I accepted that and thought that was easy until ten minutes later a Pastor friend of mine in Singapore texted me and asked me to "Come and help train some pastors." "No problem," I thought, as I love Singapore. I texted a reply, "I will be there." Five minutes later he texted back and said, "Oh, I'm not in Singapore. I'm in Siberia." I was a bit alarmed when I heard that and really hoped he would forget all about it. But six months later I found myself in Siberia!

Siberia was very oppressive, but a Siberian angel got on the plane when it pulled into the gate and started to push myself and my friend DeAnn around the plane. He told us to "lighten up." We started to laugh hysterically. We couldn't stand up because he was pushing us around. The Siberian flight attendant came down the aisle and told us, "There is a light over you." "Oh great," we said, "it's from the church in the sky." He looked at us as we looked out of the window. "No, no," he said, "the church is in the sky not out of the window." We were drunk in the Spirit by then.

When we got inside the airport, it was even more oppressive. We tried to be quiet and behave "properly" as we didn't want to get arrested. But it didn't work. The angel started pushing us around again. "Lighten up," he said, and he started laughing.

My, my, we do have such religious concepts about angels, don't we?

We tried to straighten up, but he kept pushing us and we started laughing and laughing. We thought the security people were going to get annoyed, but guess what? They started laughing and getting drunk in the Spirit. The man couldn't stamp my passport because he was falling off the chair. The supervisor came running out to see what all the commotion was about. He touched my back as he squeezed past me and he began to get drunk in the Spirit, too.

We couldn't speak Russian and they couldn't speak English except to say "Passport" and "Visa," but after a while they were holding their hands to their mouths and pointing. There was an English guy standing there and I asked him if he knew what they were saying. "Yes," he said, "they are saying they can taste honey in their mouth."

The Lord spoke to me and said, "Yes, and the next time someone does witness to them about Jesus, they will have a good taste in their mouth." I knew that they would have the same taste of honey and would know it was a good and pleasant thing they were hearing.

Are You Ready?

Well, back to the swift angels. Are you ready to go? We all say yes, but for some people it's time to say "goodbye" and for others it's time to say "hello." Doors open and close. Windows of opportunity open, but we have to take those opportunities. It's time to take off. I have a feeling there are people reading this who have taken off before but somehow got "grounded." God is the Author of taking off. He enables you to fly, but we have to respond to His invitation.

See what God sees for you. He sees the whole picture...huge. It's amazing what you can do in only a week or two when the Holy Spirit is moving and the angels help you. The angels are very interested in helping you fulfill the purposes of God in your life. That's what their assignment is – YOU are their assignment.

Are you ready to fly? This is a bit different from the eagle anointing – it's an anointing to move swiftly – and high – and fast.

I have a good friend who says God always pushes him, but that's not true, really. God doesn't push you against your will. Sometimes our mindsets get in the way, but the heart really wants to embrace the purposes of God, so God sends angels to push us past our mindsets. A hungry heart will always push you past your mind in the end.

We only have one life to live down here, it might as well be an adventure. Better to make a few mistakes then never do anything. If you don't ever want to make a mistake, don't do anything – that's simple, isn't it?

Only Be Willing - God Is the One Who Is Able

A couple of years ago, some friends on the Gold Coast of Australia told me after a meeting, "We are going to take the next opportunity God gives us." So I asked, "Well, why don't you come with me to Hawaii?" "When are you going?" they enquired. "Tomorrow," I responded.

They weren't on the plane with me the next day, but a couple of days later they were in Hawaii. They helped me for a few days, and on Sunday they preached. Doors opened all over the place and they stayed and ministered in Hawaii for several months.

You just have to be willing and prepared to get ready swiftly. God is the One Who is able. It doesn't matter how old you are! Twenty or ninety. God is raising up an army of wild grandmas, remember.

Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries


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