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Kim Clement: Little Signs Have Come Along the Way - It's Going to Erupt

Kim ClementFrom The Den April 28, 2012 - From The Den:

Elijah saw the cloud the size of a man's hand. This is what happened, and it's important for all of you watching, for your own prosperity in the next seven years, starting almost immediately, that you listen and be patient. Remember what I taught you the other day; I said by patience you must possess your soul. In other words, don't let your soul get disrupted when something doesn't happen when you want it to happen.

We heard about Firepointe, we heard about Ford – we heard about lots of things, and some people are getting impatient (speaking of the Iraqi Dinar). These things happen in time. Obviously, there are moments where God says this is going to be released now, but this is what happened with Elijah: Elijah heard the sound of abundance. There were no clouds; there was no sign of abundance. He heard the sound; then he said to his servant, "Go, and look until you see it." Here comes the "optical fusion": The servant went looking six times. You know, he could have come back the fifth time and Elijah could have said, "Just forget it!" Six times he ran back and forth, and Elijah said, "Go back." On the seventh time he saw a cloud the size of a man's hand.

Fusion Brings Acceleration

The reason I'm taking over here just for a minute is because I'm getting something prophetic. When Elijah went from the brook – now, if you know the story, all of you – he was at the brook for three and a half years. A few months ago, I prophesied the three and a half years of famine in America has come to an end and the beginning of a seven-year period of acceleration. So, Elijah – the brook dried up; everything seemed to be at an end. That's where we're at – for a lot of people. We're at a place where the brook has dried up; you've lost your job, you don't have much finances, you have a lot of debt – we understand. However, let's look at the sign, please.

Elijah himself was at a place where there was no provision – no food for him. The raven stopped feeding him; the water ran dry. Instead of him sitting there and moping, God says to him, "Go to a place; I've commanded blessing." So, he goes to this town and there's a woman who's a widow that has no money, who's about to die with her last little piece of bread. That's God's way of doing it: He's connecting Elijah with an impossible situation so that she can be blessed.

Now listen carefully; the reason I'm saying this is not (just) for any reason but to let you understand when I start prophesying to listen to the little things that are coming out.

So, what was it that he used? What was it that she was picking up to make the last meal? And what came out of it was flour, the wheat, and she had oil. Now let's just think about this – she's picking up sticks, dust from the earth, stones, all kinds of just junk, and what we've prophesied about now, from the earth will come all these little things and come energy. In her energy, there was a mixture of all these little things so she could have her last meal. I found it interesting that from the earth she was gathering, and she was almost at her end; and God is using this example – how there will be oil that will not run dry, that will not come to an end until the day the Lord sends rain to the earth. That was the start of it, where God said, "I'm going to bring a new source of energy," and then she was taken care of.

Then he moved up to the mountain and called fire from Heaven, the sacrifice was made, and then the seventh time, when the servant looked, there was a small cloud. What happened after that? He said, "Run like you've never run before, because it's going to come quickly." My point to you is this: Little signs have come along the way, but when it begins to show – (from Kim's online broadcast: what Sunil is doing is showing you the little cloud the size of a man's hand). He's saying, "It's going to erupt."I'm just showing you so you can see it, because the minute the servant saw it, that's when Elijah said, "Let's go."

That's "optical fusion" we're talking about, because the minute the servant saw what Elijah heard from God, that fusion brought about acceleration, and that's why I'm saying to you keep your eye open – for the Firepointes, and everything else. It's going to happen, and God's going to prosper you as a result of it.

Kim Clement
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