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Kim Clement: An Acceleration of Miracles, Understanding and of Knowledge

April 13, 2012 - Nashville, TN

There Shall Be an Acceleration

Hear what the Spirit says tonight: "What you are entering, and it started in the month of February, you will smell it, you will taste it, you will feel it. The time has come for the outpouring of the latter rain. The time has come for the double portion. The time has come for an outpouring the earth has never experienced, ever. And before they say, 'We will take all the nations of the world and we will make one nation and one world,' I will bring such an outpouring of My Spirit that men shall leap. They shall run, as Elisha ran, with an acceleration. There shall be an acceleration of miracles, acceleration of understanding, acceleration of knowledge that shall travel to and fro across the face of the earth. Young men shall rise up and they will do what Joel told them they would do – they will prophesy, they will have visions. Your children shall know that this is that time," says the Lord.

"Look to the month of May, and then look to the month of October, and then look," says the Lord. "You will enter in and say, 'What has happened to the tyrants? What has happened to them in North Korea? What has happened to those that have said, 'We will raise up a generation of people that will not pronounce the name of God properly'?" God says, "They shall pronounce My name, every one of them. Jireh. They shall say Shalom. They shall say every name. They shall say Nissi. They shall say every name of God, and as they say it, I will pour out of My Spirit upon the musicians, and upon the authors, and upon the poets." God said, "You are entering in beyond the veil," says the Lord.

The Voice of Esther Is About to Arise

"What has come before Me? There has been a stench. There has been a stench that has brought the people to their knees – in America and in different nations that I have My eye on. No, I have not walked away from those that have been crippled and wounded in Syria, Iran. There are some that cry out to Me, young people that have said, 'It is enough.' I will raise up some of the greatest prophets from the soil and the ashes and the dust of Syria; they will come to Israel and say, 'We love you; we bless you.' This shall not be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. For they shall say, 'We shall follow the instructions and commands of Jesus: Forgive, love one another.' A band of young people from Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan shall defy; they shall defy the Beast of the East. They shall defy Islam. They shall say, 'We will not be bashed down to a god that is dead.' Young people by the hundreds of thousands shall flock, and they shall gather together, and they shall call out to Him."

And God said, "I will topple those governments and I will cause them to fall to the ashes. And Syria shall no longer be Syria and Iran shall no longer be called that name. For I shall take them and I shall bash their heads together. Is it not I," said the Lord, "that will stand for Israel and show My magnificence? Did I not say that I would show My excellence? Did I not say that I would be the Captain of the Hosts?

"And the voice of Esther is about to arise; the voice of Esther is about to arise." God said, "In the next few years, I will raise up a party, a party that I've told you about. It shall neither be Republican nor Democrat, and they shall be the American party, and they shall stand for what is right." God said. "Watch Me, how I raise it up in this nation," says the Lord.

It's a Spiritual Thing

Pray with me; it's a spiritual thing. Right here – and I don't make up these things – there is an angel; there is an angelic presence, carrying the future. Don't tell me they don't exist. They are messengers. They wait for the command of the Word of the Lord. Father, we want this presence to go throughout the Earth. I'm telling you, the future – so much dismay, so much arrogance, and so much hatred for God's Jews, God's people. Unusual, but it is a sign, for when the triumph comes, how great shall it be for the earth. In their demise, in their weakness, such greatness came forth. Yet when Israel is raised up for that season, how great it shall be for the heathen. How great it shall be for the nations.

Conquered Curses

April 21, 2012 - From The Den

The Spirit of God says, "This day I wish to conquer your curses. I wish to conquer things that have come against you. I want your soul to be restored today. Therefore, I will show you this day, in this next hour, how your curses will be broken – that which previous generations have done throughout the centuries and you have had to take it and live with it." God said, "No, it is not necessary; it is not necessary for yesterday's faults and yesterday's sins to be in your basket," says the Lord, "to be in your home and to be in your blood. Today I will give you the power to stop the curse and to stop the angel of death that is roaming up and down the United States of America and the nations of the earth, even in Israel today."

I declare the power of Your Word! The Word of the Lord has come! The curse shall be broken over the alcoholic, over the drug addict, over those who are poverty-stricken, Lord, over every sickness represented here today. Arise, oh Lord! Arise, oh Lord, and stop the curse, I pray!

Cast Off the Garments of Heaviness

The Spirit of God says, "Cast off the garments that you have carried – the garments of heaviness, the garments of depression. They will be cast off today. Cast off the garments of iniquity! Cast off the garments of every curse that has come against you – indifference and division in this country."

I cast off the garment of division that has come against this nation! Let the curse be broken and blessings come, blessings come, blessings come, blessing, blessing upon each home. I thank You for doing that, Lord.

God Has Promised

"I have promised. I, Myself, have promised the people who have sought after Me that I would fill those who hunger and thirst for My light and My righteousness. Many are sick; many are in fear; many are depressed, for you have heard the words of those who have sat in high places – and yet I, Myself, have promised this nation and those who would call upon Me that I would come to them again and I would take the plows of those that have plowed in hard soil and hard ground and honor them during famine as they plowed. And I will cause a massive harvest to come. Curses that have come upon you from various sources, I, Myself, will break today. For those who hear, that which came from many years ago and has held you down, I will break it today and I will show you how through My servant."

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions


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