Sunday, May 13, 2012

in the wrong place

Billy Graham never addressed the Catholic College of College Cardinals. Smith Wigglesworth was never invited to minister to the Lutheran Church in America. Andrew Murray never addressed the Anglican Church in England. John G Lake never ministered to the Mormons in Salt Lake City. Charles Spurgeon never went to Mecca to preach to the Muslims. Just because not everyone invites you to come minister doesn't mean you don't have a place. You aren't called to everyone's city, and not every city is called to you. God will make a way for your ministry. Don't worry that you don't get an invite. Just go where they celebrate you, not where they tolerate you. IF you don't find a place in the place you are, find a place that has a place for you. Don't be a square peg spiritually in a religious round hole. Go where they have room for your gift.....if they don't you are in the wrong place.

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