Sunday, May 13, 2012

death of ministry

The death of a ministry is predictability. The more you can predict what will happen tomorrow the more STUCK that place is. Are we so convinced that the Holy Spirit lacks freshness to the point where you can set your clock by the predictable events. It's time to break out of our traditions and predictability. What if...God were really going to show a big way? Would you allow Him to do what He wants to do? IF he did, how would that manifest? How would you know what is supposed to be taking place IF the Lord WERE to take control? Are you willing to move by the spirit or is your programed agenda so precious that your church has become a no spontaneity zone? When God says, "Behold I do a NEW thing"...what does that have to do with the church service you will lead tomorrow?

What if you had NOTHING in mind. Just showed up. No planned music. No preprogrammed sermonizing. No nothing. Could you even have church? OR must you control everything? Some of the BEST times in the Lord is when Anything could happen...and did. Back yourself off, let GOD in.

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