Tuesday, May 8, 2012

13 Years ago Today - First Day of 24/7 IHOP Kansas City....there at birth

Peggy and I stood in a double wide trailer house in Granville MO. Mike Bickle and Noel Alexander presiding. The music began. Worship ensued. Prayer was raised up.....and now 13 years later, it's still going on to this moment. 24/7.

I had many friends who said it wouldn't last. Good men.

Many who doubted the value of all that...I mean if you are just praying you can't get souls saved...right?

Why don't they preach a message? Shouldn't there be preaching. I mean we need preachers...

And Missions. Who is doing missions if we are just praying and worshiping God?

Can't work.

Except it does work. It is working. What I saw last Sunday Morning is clear evidence to the long lasting effect of this powerful stream. I had not been deep in it as much as I had been once. And I know the difference. I need to redig those ancient wells.

I see western Christianity hopelessly mired in methods and outcomes that have no prospect of prospering except they are what they always did and thinking outside any box is not what they do. IF there is any "New Idea" they read it in a church growth book. They went to a church growth guy and he said this is how it's done. So they modify it and "try" and Fail.

It's irresponsible to think that day and night prayer and worship can do anything it is thought by the ones who are stuck. They are trapped on the wrong side of the upside down kingdom of God. Human wisdom.

I would not be Prophet Gene today was it not for DNA acquired in the living room of Todd Beery long ago. There have been other steps along the way, but I remember well that day, 13 years ago when the world changed and the first House of Prayer was opened up. I was puzzled, but intrigued.

There have been a "Prayer" meetings I have attended that simply fell flat. The problem is they are more about the platform and less about prayer. I hope that we can get back to real prayer meetings. I have spoken to many of my brothers and sisters from time to time about what we do in prayer gatherings. It's chaos. It's vain babbling. We need the prophetic utterance and the apostolic prayer that follows to create a stream of the Mind of God. Most is not that.

IF there is one area I am concerned about in the evolution of this wonderful prayer movement is that it has lost the prophetic influence that birthed it. The very word of God is not spoken. If the singers don't bring it in song God apparently can't speak. I have hope that the prayer movement will redig the well that made them great. The church in Chicago I attended does. My hope is others will.

What it CAN look like: the revelation of Jesus 24/7 with a flow of the prophetic, with spontaneous and ordered worship, with spoken prayer, with sometimes travail, with cries to the Father, with shouts of victory, with one on one intercession, with targeted prayer towards God to tear down demonic strongholds, with apostolic declarations that move the hand of God in the city. THAT would make a difference. It's not volume. It's flow, anointing and the prophetic word of God coming forth and Apostolic authority to help it manifest.

The Church must be established on the Solid Rock of Jesus with the Prophet and Apostle as pillars and Prayer/Worship that holds it all together. The rest is frankly more window dressing. What we do in the Church no longer has any net effect. We have been neutered by traditions and routine. Jesus said as much:
"thus making void the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And many such things you do.” Mark 7:13

I have seen the future, it doesn't look like you think. It looks better, but it will be very different from what you imagine. A lot of Church efforts will not survive this, many will do better. Pick carefully what you embrace. Things are about to CHANGE.


prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

This triggered something in my spirit way back

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

This triggered something way back in my spirit...I have nothing to prove...just move in the prophetic flows