Sunday, May 13, 2012

Michelle Obama in my face

I woke up this morning with Michelle Obama on my heart. This is the second time. I am not an admirer. I've not changed my politics at all. I never even think about her when I am awake. YET...there she is. Father is telling me she is feeling very alone, hurt and adrift spiritually. She is hungry for a true word from God for herself and her children. She is trapped. I am probably not the one to give her the word the Lord has for her, yet I know what it is. She needs the truth to be set free. These next few months are going to be brutal...and the Lord DOES love her and wants the best for her. She is going to need a sure word of prophecy in the coming days....or she will perish. In my dream she grabbed my face and said, "Tell me what the Lord is saying". There was real fear in her eyes.


margaret said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with the cover of Newsweek magazine: "America's First Gay President"??

Juanita said...


If you're not the one to give the word, why did the Lord tell you? And twice at that? Although I think I understand why you said you were not the person to give the word, you might want to ask the Lord to open the door for you instead. Bless you.

susana said...

Michelle Obama exists outside the perfect will of God. She moves in God's permissive will. So this explains her life her mind her future. Unless she repents, which repentance will lead her away from the White House, there is no hope for her. Repentance is her only hope. She must abandon all desires of being first lady in order for God to bless her. And even then he will not unless she repents. Outside the will of God is a dangerous place to be. She must repent. Money and education and position mean nothing to God. Satan is the godofthis world.