Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Prophetic Question asked by Charles

Charles Holowell
One would have to ask the question, that geographically the Bible is a Middle Eastern book, why are there so many prophetic words confined in this nation, when the centerpiece of the fulfillment will occur in the Middle East, with influences from Central Europe? (Zech.14:4; Acts 1:9-12)

One would have to agree that most prophetic words given to individuals and ministries do little to change or influence the Middle East. Visit any prosperity church and prosperity prophesy comes with a business start, new home, and any other number of things. Sure we may be able to justify and say these can all be used to promote the gospel in foreign lands, but we all know that is not real in this economy, we cant even solve the problems we have here let alone solve those of an emerging new world order. We prophesy to the most blessed nation of people anywhere on the earth

The greatest influence we have is a new word called networking, since it implies a more social approach to governments that do not hold the mutual concerns of this nation.

Speaking with my son (Morries mana) in Pakistan, it dawned on me, that much of this word here in the USA is to build up the body of Christ for what is about to happen, as many will be caught unaware. There is far more going on than our news lines report to us.

Interesting we are to pray for the peace Jerusalem, yet how many do?

Something to think about - Don't be so preoccupied with the things around you, that you get caught unaware, watch and pray, the alarms are sounding.

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