Sunday, May 20, 2012

When a Prophetic Church Prophesies...lives Change

This morning I was part of a Church Service in Ann Arbor MI. Shekinah Church on Scio Church Road. I have been there before...but today was special. This is the Church led by Apostle Barbara Yoder. She is a friend and I respect her greatly.

So many things...

The worship team was amazing. I honestly didn't know who was all flowed so well...both in song and in prophetic worship. IF a professional music group is better, I don't know who. There were a Dozen people on the platform, all skilled, all worshipers, no one cared anything other than to worship the ONE. So fresh. So anointed of God.

It's not a huge church. In fact if there were 200 people there it might be all there were.

Yet, today, the presence of God came in such a unique way it was hard to stand. The word of the Lord in prophecy went forth. Pastor Benjamin Deitrick delivered several, some to people with ailments, some with people in trouble and then he delivered one to Peggy and me. It was so accurate, so directive, it was like getting a telegram direct from the throne. Benjamin and I had not talked, we are not connected except thru Apostle Yoder. Yet he spoke things over us only God knows. That's the mark of a true prophet. I won't rehearse it here, but if you live in the Ann Arbor area and need a word from God, you will get one at Shekinah. GO!!

During the service since I had been given release to do so, I came up and gave a prophetic word confirming the flow of the service. Pastor Tonya Roberson, (who also is connected to Apostle John Eckhardt as I am) was surprised by my walking to the platform, she didn't get the memo..but Cindy Williams interceded and the word came forth.

These are precious people and I was surprised at the change in atmosphere I sensed. I now understand what Apostle Yoder was talking about when she talks about the future. The future at Shekinah is in GOOD hands. I had questioned this a bit and was pleasantly surprised. God uses even family.

It was one of those amazing services where preaching can be superficial. In fact, as I left, I had this thought:

What if every pastor and teacher in the land was to stop delivering prepared sermons for the next year. Nothing unless the Holy Ghost provides; OR sit down and be silent. That would test the spiritual mettle of most preachers. What if the only activity in the Church was to be what is in 1 Corinthians 12-14? I remember the story behind "The Heart of Worship" by Matt Redman. It's time for those who call themselves Christian to let HIM flow and get out of the way.

Maybe it's time to restore the Apostolic and Prophetic to the place the word of God said it should be...foundational. Time to tone down the pulpit and raise up Jesus.

I can only tell you this, I received a hundred times a confirmation on what the Lord wants me to do. I will obey. I'm so thankful for those who I love that are part of this fellowship. I hope to be there again soon. Prophetess Cindy Williams was she always is. Bless her for her obedience. I received at her hand....the future is amazing.

I cannot be in any house that is not prophetic. If I lived in Ann Arbor I would be in that house.

God is going to take the church and form it into HIS image. If you resist...He is the are simply clay and you will end up in potters field...unless....

Great day in God.

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CindyWilliamsMichigan said...

Gene it was the greatest treasure to have you and Peggy here with us. God was so moving through everyone. But what a joy to have you join us!!! Pastor Barbara would have loved it!! Thank you for your kindness, affirmation and word to the house. Thank God for His Family... and you are both...FAMILY!!! Love you both, Cindy Williams