Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Prophets SEEM to disagree....they don't...but it's hard to understand

A couple of Quotes:

I have before me conflicting reports of a coming revival and a coming judgement. One prophesies a blow-out revival to eclipse all we’ve seen so far. Another prophesies a coming destruction of cataclysmic proportions. Of course, each says the other is in error, maybe not directly, but if you take what they say to heart there exists such a dichotomy that one automatically excludes the other. Oh yes, this is a screwy business, this prophetic wrangling back and forth. No one knows who or what to believe. I call it "Prophetic Dissonance"- a cacophony of conflicting voices, all claiming to speak for God, that merge into a mind-numbing, paralyzing buzz (Chip Brogden - Prophetic Dissonance).
And this one which I believe is good analysis

Each fresh wave within the charismatic movement for the past twenty years has been accompanied by promises of revival. Each one was said to be preparing the people so that they would be ready for the great national outpouring of the Holy Spirit. But each wave ended in disappointment, as the promises of revival were never fulfilled

In biblical times promises of revival always came from the false prophets. Jeremiah continually battled with them in an attempt to undo the harm they were doing by instilling a dangerous attitude of complacency among the people at a time of great danger. Many times Jeremiah had to say, ‘Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord’ (Jer 23:16). His complaint was that none of these false prophets had stood in the council of the Lord to see or hear his word’ (v 18) and that if they had done so they would have proclaimed the word of God which would have turned the people away from their evil ways and saved them from the disaster which was coming upon them (v 22).

The record of prophecy throughout the Bible shows that God never sends prophets to foretell times of peace and prosperity. He raises up prophets in times of trouble to prepare the people to be able to withstand the difficult days that lie ahead, or to call them back to faithful trust in the Lord so that God can intervene and miraculously change the situation. (Clifford Hill - Shaking the Nations, p.216).

Why is there seeming dissonance in this? Because people don't understand the patterns. There will be an event, economic that will be destructive, cataclysmic. And as a result a revival of proportions never seen since Jesus. One will follow another. Think of 9-11. For a brief time Churches filled. It was a harbinger. Now think of cataclysm a thousand times worse. Societal collapse. Does Jesus get bigger or smaller in men's eyes when that happens? Does the Spirit of God move in power when that's all we have left? I began preaching this in 2009 and it hasn't changed. The problem many in churchianity have is it won't be like you think. Churches will go out of business like crazy. Ministries shut down. Bankruptcy. BUT since in one way they were a forerunner, they are also obstacles to the move of God coming. There is a way to enter into the provision and protection of God when all this comes down, an ark if you will. BUT most christians don't want to hear about it. SO, if you call the event judgement, it is. God needs to bring back into alignment the out of kilter religious world and re adjust it ...judge, ment...

God knows what he is doing, and I see it clearly. Jeremiah spoke of it, the tearing down has to happen before the building up can.

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