Monday, April 4, 2011

The Spirit of Pillage is Loosed in the Land

I am see a trend prophetically that is a curse among us. There are barbarians who see only a taking what isn't theirs as just. It's the attitude, "It's nothing personal, it's just business". It comes out of a liberal culture portrayed in Television. It's not a loss of ethics, it's a justification for doing evil, even murder, in the name of business.

This is a bankruptcy brought on by a generation of poor parenting. I see it in the country. I see it in the city. I see it in busienss. What's worse, is the bully barbarians have used the court system to execute the, "nothing personal, it's just business".

This is a curse now being visited upon generations. It's a culture we created. A culture without value of ethics.

These are not candidates for the Kingdom as they stand today. They see what they do as justified.

So, it's a sad day....the only way for these cultural pirates to come to repentance will be how most of us come to pain. If you think that the economic pain we are about to experience is without reason, these people are the reason. It is also a result of the lack of diligence of a generation. Fruit of our efforts or lack of them.

When they hit the bottom, when their barbaric behavior places them behind bars, when the time come when they have no where else to turn, it will be our time to show them a more excellent way.

Embrace the changes coming.... there is an evil spirit loose in the land, it will only be tamed by repentance of those possessed of it...and deliverance from it.

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