Friday, April 8, 2011

It's NOT really Prophecy if it doesn't make you squirm just a bit sometimes

I am not in the camp of feel good all the time in every way prophetic utterance. I am a pretty good student of the Prophetic as revealed in Scripture...Old and New Testament. God is God, immutable. He is revealed in the old covenant as Father God even as Jesus is revealed as Incarnate God in the New Covenant. One God...One Covenant; Old and New. Unchanging. When God speaks thru the Prophets in the Old Testament, it really should be in RED.

So, when I read the Prophets of Old, I see something that is missing in a lot of modern day prophetic utterances. The Squirm Factor.

If you read a word of Prophecy and it makes you feel all warm and tingly all over...that's good, it might be Father reassuring you. IF that's all you ever read, warm and fuzzy, you aren't tapped into the true prophetic. Some should make you squirm just a bit. Challenge your status quo.

There are a lot of Prophetic Purposes:
  • To Reveal a Message from the True God
  • To Encourage Obedience
  • To encourage Trust in God
  • To offer New Hope to the Hopeless
  • For Exhortation (Building Up)
  • For A Specific Revelation for an Occasion
  • For Conviction
  • To Encourage Friendship with God
  • To Spur Faithfulness
  • To Exhort toward greater Intimacy
  • To offer correction from the Throne Room
  • To offer Clarity in Choices being made

There is a place to find prophetic support and building up, yet sometimes a plumline must be held against the place you are building. IF all the prophetic you encounter are aren't going where you need to go.

That plumline is critical.

It might seem like correction or even conviction, but it brings things right that are out of proper alignment. It will be painful sometimes and may even make some squirm.

Don't fight the squirm. It's there for your building up.

Not every word of Prophecy will cause a hallelujah dance, unless you really understand it....

That's why you need ears to hear....

Are you hearing what the Spirit of the Living God is Saying??

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