Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fukushima nuclear reactors prophetically viewed. By Bob Kloppel

The meltdowns underway at the Fukushima nuclear reactor complex are prophetic of a very great thing that our Creator is doing in the Earth today. He is progressively "stepping back" and allowing the world to experience the consequences of its increasing rebellion against Him. Like a good father who has taught his children right from wrong and wisdom from foolishness, there come times that the children, if they will not heed their father's teachings and verbal warnings, must see first hand what the results can be. Surely our (worldwide) rebellion has reached stratospheric levels. Nevertheless, Abba Father loves us enough to provide discipline.

"Stepping back" is essentially the Holy Spirit taking a "hands off" policy, at least for the moment or a season. What the world does not understand is that it is the hand of the Holy Spirit that restrains the activity of the kingdom of darkness. When He steps back, there is room for the demonic realm to exercise greater power than would have been the case otherwise. As the Lord of all creation God also restrains nature at times. Most of all, in his love and compassion, He restrains himself, preferring love and forgiveness to judgment! The Japanese quake, while it represents God stepping back, also contains evidence of his love because, among other things, more people in the region of greatest impact survived than perished! Among the circumstances released by the quake, the stricken nuclear reactors speak volumes.

A nuclear reaction releases vast amounts of energy, all at once (nuclear weapons) or gradually "under control" (reactors). In both cases, the immense potential power must be contained until the time for its use for human purposes. A reactor vessel, the metal container for the fuel rods, isolates and keeps in heat and radioactivity while the reactor boils water into steam in order to turn generators for the production of electricity. The reactor building which covers the vessel is an insurance policy of sorts should the reactor vessel ever leak. In the case of the stricken Japanese reactors, several vessels are now leaking and the insurance has been revoked!

The churches have for centuries attempted to contain God as if He were a source of deadly radioactivity. Unlike physical containers, though, the system the Church built involves flawed beliefs, traditions, teachings, and doctrines. In this way, we have been able to create a human religious system that allows us to avoid facing certain issues (for a time) and the opportunity to have our cake and eat it too (one foot in heaven and one foot in the world)! Fear, pride, and witchcraft (control) are amongst the usual "builders" of spiritual containment systems.

God is no longer putting up with this! The ongoing events surrounding Fukushima are one way God is saying that He is breaking the silly Spirit containment structures of man. Many individual "vessels" of the Lord are being filled with the Spirit. They are "cracking open" and the things of God are being released. The heavy containment buildings that many churches have erected will NOT be able to withstand the internal pressures of the Spirit being released from these vessels. They will be left in rubble as dead structures if they try. (Thankfully, many are becoming aware of this truth and beginning to shift.) The will of the Spirit is that his vessels shine brightly in the increasing spiritual darkness!

The Spirit cannot be pinned down. He is breaking out! However, the "radiation" of the Holy Spirit into our world is not to be feared (unless we are enemies of God). In truth, the Holy Spirit as an active Divine agent upon the Earth is a very great blessing. While nuclear radiation produces a no man's land of darkness and death, the radiating of the Holy Spirit establishes exquisitely beautiful gardens wherever He is found! They take root in individuals and churches and then grow into the world beyond the garden gates. These awesome gardens contain 7 key components of heaven itself: beauty; joy; order; peace; abundance; purpose, and, above all; love.

However, it should be noted that although He loves us tremendously, He will not tolerate any person or power that attempts to block what He is doing in the earth! Warnings come. If they are not heeded, there are consequences. But if we in the Church will turn away from our evil, foolish ways, we will find that God wants to bless us and this world with everything He's got!

Spiritual winter wants to hang on, but God's calendar says "spring"! Thank you, Lord!

Bob Kloppel

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