Sunday, April 24, 2011

New season and realm is coming upon the Remnant by Chris Mckay

For some of you, the realm of darkness has been so intense with its warfare since the start of 2011.. Heaven is allowing for this darkness to keep rearing its head at you so your heart that is born from the Secret Place can begin to exercise,grow and rise up in its Rule and Reign that comes only through the image that the Heavenly Father has created you to be as his Beloved when you abide inside Jesus Christ..

Because we are in a new season with the Heavenly Fathers heart.. It is for the good if we embrace what can be formed out of the warfare that is coming against us through all the darkness.. The darkness is going to be nonstop for a reason, especially after April.. The darkness will get so intense all you can do is get inside the Secret Place in Jesus heart and stay there.. The darkness sees the threat that is starting to emerge from the Secret Place in its Rule and Reign through the Remnant who will allow for the Heavenly Fathers heart to dawn and rise through them as the Beloved in these end-times.. Those who are truly marked and sealed as the Beloved inside the womb of the Secret Place, will be the Precious Jewels to see the Heavenly Father rise on their behalf against the darkness as he covers them with his Sword of the Spirit and abiding Presence..

The Heavenly Father will also use the darkness at times to help push us into something new he is wanting to take us into with his heart.. A lot of the warfare can come through the transition process as we continue to hang onto the realms of the old where the Heavenly Father is wanting to lovingly push us out of it, so we can enter into the new.. So at times to help push us into the new, God allows for the darkness where it has been trying to hide in the old to begin manifesting and unveiling itself as the waters of his spirit begins to flush it out of being suppressed to where it was trying to hide under the cover of darkness.. That which you thought of being so familiar in the old starts to become your worst nightmare, as the darkness you were so familiar with through false self in the soul where you would try to hide with its masks begins to expose itself as the very thing that has been trying to abort who you really are as the Beloved that is born from the Secret Place in the Heavenly Fathers heart..

P.S The only realm that can show up with its Rule and Reign in the midst of darkness is the true image that is born from the Secret Place with the Heavenly Fathers heart. The power of God with his Kingdom authority doesn't show up at times because we have had a wrong perspective and belief of who we think Jesus is that we form in the mind through false self in a religious spirit in the soul out of its familiarity that we can control on our terms.. The Heavenly Father cant back up a distorted and defiled impure image formed from religion in the mind and soul outside of the Secret Place that is not of his spiritual Kingdom DNA.. The Heavenly Father only backs up the word with his sword of the spirit that is formed from his presence inside the Secret Place in oneness to the true image as the Beloved as you abide inside Jesus Christ.. Trying to take on a realm of darkness with the authority of Jesus while still sleeping with the enemy in its realm of darkness through false self in a religious spirit that is formed outside the Secret Place from the carnal culture and image of the world just wont cut it in these end-times, and the darkness will begin to overtake you through your lack of truly abiding inside Jesus Christ.. The darkness recognizes true authority from the Kingdom of Heaven when the enemy sees you abiding inside Jesus heart in the Secret Place in oneness to the Heavenly Fathers presence.. It is then that the power of God with his Authority which is connected to the Heavenly Fathers heart can show up mightily as a confronting standard to put the darkness under your feet as a footstool > as to back up the image of who Jesus Christ is with his Rule and Reign as you abide inside the Secret Place through intimacy with his Holy Spirit in your true image as the Beloved.

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