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Doug Addison: Watch Out for Distractions

Doug Addison

Last January I released a prophetic word for 2011 and said that the entire year will be strategic:

We will begin moving into more clarity about our destinies as God has been shifting our assignments. Similar to 2010, we will see a major increase and thrust in March of 2011 at the beginning of Spring. During April our time of waiting will be turned into a time of action. New life will come in June and by September of 2011 things that many have longed for will take more shape. (Click here to read the word in its entirety on The Elijah List).

It is time to spring into action. One of my guiding Bible verses is Matthew 7:7, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Notice that ask, seek, and knock are all proactive steps and the door will not be open "for you" but "to you." This is a time right now to take initiative and watch and see what new opportunities begin to open.

Watch Out For Distractions

As you begin to take action, watch out for distractions in communications and technology. I have not seen such a fierce attack on communications in a very long time. The enemy is trying to cause disruption and miscommunications with people right now. The reason for this is that God is releasing divine connections that will be strategic for the coming years.

While preparing to deliver this message on my webcast on April 5, the company who hosts our live web stream went down and we had trouble with the recording. My new Macbook Pro notebook has been in the shop for three weeks and Apple still cannot figure out what's wrong. While preparing to place this article on my Blog, I accidentally nuked my custom Blog design.

If you experience technological distractions and breakdowns, don't misunderstand this to be a block. We must break through right now. As a result of all the setbacks, I asked God for full repayment of what the enemy is stealing and disrupting. Just this week I was given two brand new Macbook Pros that are of a greater value than what I had before. It is time to turn the distractions into blessings.

Divine Connections Starting Now

Many people are being called to something new right now. This is why things have slowed down on your current situation. The new has not fully come yet. Starting in April through June be careful to make choices that will open new opportunities and not repeat old ones.

Obviously you need to pray about this, but if you are given the choice to do something new versus something that you are comfortable with doing, try to stretch yourself to do the new. From this will come new connections you will need for future advancement.

The Power of a "Spiritual Passover"

Passover, which was just celebrated, is a Jewish festival that reminds us of God's greatness when He gave instructions to the Israelites in Egypt that would cause the spirit of death to "pass over" their houses (Exodus 11–12). The spiritual aspect of "Passover" is still available to us today.

When bad things happen and it appears to be judgment or tragedy in any form – whether economic, spiritual, environmental, or whatever – God will most often let His people know how to avoid it or at least how to suffer minimal damage. In some cases, God will even show His people how to profit during a downturn (Genesis 41). The key is to listen to God's voice as He speaks to us and follow the instructions that He gives.

My Dream of a Bad Storm

I had a dream earlier last year that a fierce storm (maybe the worst ever) was coming to the west coast of the U.S. It appeared that we were going to suffer great losses and maybe even die. Everyone was panicking and running to take cover. Faith rose up in me and I felt an anointing from God to stand and watch this storm. I saw a consuming fire in the storm and, just as it approached my house, it passed over and immediately it was a bright sunny day with a rainbow in the sky. I was amazed that there was no damage at all to my property or my loved ones.

I awoke from the dream realizing that we need to stand in the midst of the storms coming against us personally and as a nation. God will give us instructions on what to do and when to do it. The key is to remain at peace and do not be afraid. We need to understand that the principle of disaster passing over is still available to us today.

With all the tragedies and uncertain events happening in the U.S. and the world right now, we need to ask for God's glory to be released in greater measure. Ask God to cause the bad things to pass over you, and pray that God reveals strategies from Heaven. It is a great time to be alive!


Doug Addison
InLight Connection


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