Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ichabod is happening - Here's your sign

There is a separation happening. A shaking out. A putting to death of flesh.

Ministry, Churches and 5 Fold having the Ichabod sign hung out above their door.

It happens all the time. People become foolish or arrogant or blind in their ministries.

Then God has to send the angel with the sign.

I knew this would happen as the heat is turned up. I don't care if you are of the opinion this is the last time and the bride is being prepared spotless or if you believe there is a Kingdom now coming to pass.

Do you for a second think that in either case God is going to settle for sloppy Christianity? For sloppy stupid ministry. For silly prophetic?

This is serious business and we are seeing things happen as they were prophesied matter what you believe.

Be sure who you are, who's you are and that you are RIGHT with God. They are printing up a lot of Ichabod signs in heaven right now.