Friday, April 22, 2011

A prophetic vision from the Cross - The Price Paid in Eternity

Consider the view from the Cross. In Jesus eyes. In the pain. In the torment.

There was a time as He suffered when the glory set before Him by which He could endure the pain was obscured. There was a time when He became all the sin for you, for me, for all. The torment of death by sin was that moment.....when He really needed the Father His eyes could no longer see Him. Doing what He sees the Father do no longer was His response. He was alone, dying, in pain, in more agony from ALL the guilt and curse of sin that He cried out..."MY GOD....MY GOD....Why have you forsaken me"? How long did that go on? How much pain was there?

Some accuse Catholics of crucifying Jesus over and over and over. Yet, in eternity, He is. Jesus died for your sins. He did pay the price, is paying the price as your intercessor and upon your death will demonstrate that the price is paid by presenting you as perfect not in your flesh but in your sanctified state by His blood.

The despair that Jesus felt for that moment of abandonment was sheer terror; a prospect that He might NEVER again have unity with the Father. This is a mystery..yet a truth.

I submit it was an eternity. Is still an eternity. When we sin today, that is at once transferred to that eternal payment moment in eternity, that eternal moment of abandonment, all sin laid on Him. Since in the timelessness of eternity Jesus is NOW crucified and sitting on the throne as Man King God right now and the slain lamb is there. The picture of that truth is in Revelation 5. A man on the throne yet at the same time a slain lamb. JESUS in the Moment

Yet Jesus proclaims...It IS our time.

So for us it IS finished - Sin and Death are conquered and satan is defeated.

In time and eternally.


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prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

thanks that someone at least here on blogger posted something in memory of Christ's suffering on the cross today on good friday even if its catholic meditation kinda of....i visited an old spanish catholic church for good friday i actually was very impressed with the devotion there and the beauty in which they read the passion of Christ...alot of healing and forgiveness was going on and the spirit was thick there...i was just amazed at my experience and didnt think anyone protestant would understand it..