Saturday, April 23, 2011

Remembering Calvary - a vision by David Smith

Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 8:09am

One of the most heart-rending visions that the Lord has ever showed me was a vision of Calvary. In the vision, I knew that it was just moments from the time that our Lord cried out, "It is finished!". Oh, how my tears flowed - even now, the tears gather in my eyes.

I believe the Lord allowed me to glimpse the scene as it actually happened. Below is the vision.

The first thing I saw was the sky. The sun was setting, the darkness was gathering, and the sky was turning red with the setting of the sun. In the distance was Calvary - I am so thankful that the Lord did not show me a close up view of the crucifiction of Jesus. I saw the crosses where they were crucified, Jesus & the others with him. Below the crosses, starting to disappear into the darkness, were the people that were watching.

And then, the Lord showed me more.

Gathered all around, and above, the hill where Jesus was - there was the demonic horde. I don't know if ever devil spirit in existence was there, but there were thousands - the darkness of their presence hung like an oppressive cloud all around the area where Jesus was moments away from death. There was dark celebration, gloating, and glee. The devil's army had defeated the Son of God - they were glorying in the sight of the messiah hanging on a tree. The celebration was sickening.

But the demonic horde was worried. They kept glancing upward. They kept looking around. There was fear in the demonic darkess & air.

And then, the Lord showed me more.

Up in the sky, above the entire terrible scene, there were heavenly angels - watching.

I don't know if every one of Heaven's angels were present - but there were thousands of them. They far out-numbered the demonic horde below - there was twice as many. But, they simply watched the scene below. I sensed the sadness, the anguish, & the anger at what they were watching. I sensed how the angels of heaven felt as they watched the Son of God crucified below.

But, there was more.

They had gathered to watch the scene below. For thousands of years they had fought the demonic horde to bring the world to this moment. They were seeing the promise fulfilled from the promise that was made. The heavenly angels were watching as HISTORY unfolded before their eyes. They were seeing the Word of God happen just as their God had said. But, it was still hard to watch - knowing the Son of God would soon be dead.

It was even harder for the angels to stand at a distance and see Jesus beaten, tormented, humiliated, and mocked.

But, for now, they simply waited - and watched.

And below, the demonic horde continued to celebrate - and worry.

Why did not the angels of heaven rescue their Saviour? Why did they not come to save the Son of God from impending death? The demonic army tried to completely surround the area - to keep the angels of heaven from getting to the Son of God - but the fallen angels of the devil could not understand WHY there was no rescue... WHY they simply WATCHED!

But, then, the demonic horde forgot about their fear. They looked back at the pathetic little man hanging on the cross and laughed & cheered. They had won! The Son of God had died! They had killed him - and the demonic horde cheered!

And the angels above watched - as did their God.

And the vision faded.

We know the rest of the story - now, you know what really happened at Calvary.

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Stephen said...

Satan though he had won. I would love to have seen the look on the devil's face when he finally realized that God had set him up all along and sealed his fate.