Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LITURGY - A Lust of the Flesh....makes you feel good....for a short time

Recently I was part of a celebration where liturgical components were implemented. I grew up in Liturgy. Know and love it well. Could live there.

Even enjoy hearing liturgical things even on Catholic Radio, even though I'm not Catholic.

It makes me feel good. I get a warm christian memory feeling when I hear, sing, recite and participate in liturgy.

I have never been against liturgy as a practice, yet I have known in my spirit that there is a trap. I just didn't have words to express what that trap is.

Liturgy makes ME feel good. It's predictable. It's comforting. It's accessible. It's something I do. I can follow along in the Hymnal. Check Check Check. When I get done with a liturgical service I can look back and see what I did...I DID.

Good thing for a person with a task orientation - a checklist of tangible results.

It has taken me to a place where I am back in charge.

This is NOT an indictment of liturgy. Anyone who grew up Catholic or Lutheran or any other liturgical church will understand what I am saying....I love it. BUT for the wrong reason.

After this very satisfying liturgical experience I heard the Lord say,
"I love your heart that comes into Liturgy with passion, but I offer this to you as a brief moment of pleasure. I rather that you would worship me in Truth, in the Spirit, without reserve, without a pattern you prescribe to reach ME. I am right here, as close as the air around you, in you, beside you. I am not far from you .....ever. I will never leave or forsake. IF you need to satisfy your flesh by feeling good thru liturgy for a moment I honor your worship. IF this all become familiar and routine you are choosing a fleshly control system over what must be a Spirit directed engagement with MY GLORY that is True Worship."
It was a bit of a comeuppance. I come from a long line of liturgical people. Yet, I see it practiced in Pentecostal Churches. We have a few praise songs, CHECK, we have a few tongues and interpretation, CHECK, we have a prophecy or two, someone reads, maybe a teaching. And we are free

(OH, I forgot the Offering).

Liturgy. Flesh satisfying.

I believe I have heard from the Lord on this. It's the spirit behind the liturgy, Catholic, Lutheran or Pentecostal. If the heart is right, it pleases God. If it's not...It's all flesh.

For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells; for to will is present with me, but how to perform what is good I do not find. Romans 7:18

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