Sunday, April 10, 2011

Certainty is a Religious Spirit - the Leaven of the Pharisees

Father God is beyond our understanding in human terms. He constantly is warning us not to attach too much certainty to our relationship with him. He honors faith, not certitude.

BY FAITH...God says in Hebrews. BY FAITH.

Yet, I see a trend in many fellowships that is a trap of the devil. We want to know. The disciples wanted to know. They were constantly quizzing Jesus...Tell Us they said.

As a Prophet, I have the same pressures. It's constant. I give a word, as much of a word as I have received. It's from the throne...that much I know. But it's incomplete. When much of what we are experiencing in our economy was revealed to me a few years ago and I started to share prophetically about it, I was asked constantly, what should we do?

As a Prophet, my job is to tell you what is going to happen. The Apostle and Leader of the house is to steward that word to protect those who are under your vision.

The certainty with which we approach issues regarding understanding God and our relationship to him eventually will end up in a religious system that will trap us. We become slaves of policies and practices that are death. Just like the Pharisees of that day. If people don't believe as we do, then we separate ourselves from them.

That does little for the prayer of Jesus...that they would be one even as You and I are one.

There are many issues over which the Body of Christ at large has come to blows, it comes out of certainty, it comes out of a specific revelation. When it really becomes pharisaic it comes out of the practice of firing Bible Bullets. I am a good enough Bible Scholar to fight that battle pretty well. There are some who will do better. The problem is, we beat each other over the head with passages that prove our pharisaic point and we develop a stifling spirit of Religion.

Issues that are Pharisaic Religious Leaven have included:
  • Baptism..infant or adult
  • Lords Supper....True Presence or Memorialized (it's still a mystery)
  • Trinity or God is ONE and his name is Jesus
  • Charismatic Gifts...for today or passed away
  • God wants us Rich or the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head
  • Who is Israel? The Church. Did God renege on his promise to Abraham?
  • End Times....Rapture, Preterist, Amillenial, or just you die and nothing (Jewish)
  • Revelation...a book of Worship or a picture of the end
  • Heaven...Here on earth? In the Sky? New Heaven?
  • your heart or something that must be established on earth.

If you read this list and you have strong certain opinions based on solid Bible interpretation on any of just might be religious and possessed of the demon of the leaven of the Pharisees.

Here's my prophetic warning to those who are certain...your certainty is a trap. A division. A denomination. It's OK to have an opinion. God honors opinion. Where it becomes the leaven of the Pharisees is when it becomes a truth based on human opinion that was never to be understood. Certitude creates pride. It creates the kind of Phylactery wearing religious attitude Jesus faced in his time.

Right now, according to a small group's opinion, the world will end, the rapture will take place in about 6 weeks. They are ready and pity the fools who aren't. They are trapped in a religious certitude.

There are things about which we CAN be certain. The Blood of Jesus washes away all sin. God loves you and doesn't want you to go to hell.

Much else has become the playground for the Demons of Hell. They clap their hands with glee when we are certain.

The church needs deliverance, there are some demons to be cast out.

Jesus would ask...where's your faith? OR do you have to KNOW, which is another way of saying, you prefer to live by sight and not by faith.

All of these are Mysteries. They are left to Faith. The kind of Faith God honors.

The just shall LIVE BY FAITH!

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