Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who am I but YOU?

In a conversation last night there were a lot of questions about who I am, what I know, what I believe, what I am working towards. All good. Many would be struggling with self doubt if it weren't for a secret I carry.

If it were all about me, I would be less confident in who I am today than I was yesterday. I am not who I am because of me but because of the Christ in whom I am hidden. You see me, you see Him.

Not perfectly. Just as I am. No Plea.

It is not false humility to say I am in myself of little ability. It is not false pride to say that in HIM I can do all things. He enables me. He gives me abilities beyond my comprehension. He fills me with capacities that are over and above my human limitations.

It was good to discover that I don't have a corner on all things. That is no secret. All I know is what I know I am called to do. To those I am called I am welcomed. To those I am not, I'm shunned. Yes, of course there are times when I must come to a person with the accusation that i am a "Troubler of Israel". I don't do it often. I do it when the sheep are being abused. If I didn't do that I would be untrue to my call.

So I will do what I am called and graced to do. Nothing less and nothing more. I saw this interview with John Paul Jackson. It spoke to me. I relate very much to his life and how he deals with the grace of God poured out thru him.

"Who have I but YOU?" the song by David Ruis says. Who am I but YOU? Nothing in my hand I bring...but who YOU are in me.

That is neither false pride nor false humility.

A good place to be.

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