Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Open Vision forwarded to me.

A friend sent me this vision. It is disturbing. It is NOT just in response to the earthquake. This was long before. I have edited it for readability and to keep confidential the person's identity who sent it. I think there is much to learn here. It is worth reading and considering. If you understand dreams and visions this will speak to you:

A single catastrophic event that appeared to be an earthquake or something similar. I saw the earth/land breaking away and falling beneath the surface, I have never been in an earthquake I have always grown up on the prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan far from earthquakes.

I saw many many many people would not escape, and many many many people would die. That I got very strongly. I couldn't believe how many people were going to die.

But what struck me the most was, the children... I saw ( even as I'm typing this I'm starting to weep and I'm in a public library so Lord help me to maintain calm) SO many children who were suddenly orphaned.I mean little children, just starting to walk some of them, some were 3 or 5 all the way to teens. I don't know why so many were orphaned. But i saw this was an open vision into the Fathers heart of His great concern for the wee ones.

I'm still puzzled as to why so many children were going to be spared ( a GOOD thing of course).

Many are preparing to care for themselves, storing food and water which is good. But i saw the Lord weeping for these children and He said " who will care for these?"

Human nature will over look the weak, expecting the government or church or social systems to "do their work" but i sense, those structures as we know it, may not be there during this time. Or at least for a time until more professional networks were in place to care for them. But these children are THE LORDS.

Who will care for them?

I have a strong sense these ones who are saved during this time, are HAND SELECTED by the Lord, many will wonder where they came from. They are the last breed, for the final days. They will carry the anointing of the Mighty Men and women of valor of old. Lion hearted and strong
(The people of Gad Davids mighty men)

Carrying the Spirit of the Overcomer in intensity.

The other important thing I noted in this vision was: they were all Caucasian.

Canadian? Possibly both.

Every time i pray about it the whole vision comes before my eyes and I pains me to know I cant do anything about it. But pray... which is enough.

When I do... He reveals a bit more strategy or one more piece ...
one of the most recent ones has been;

If you remember where the San Andrea's fault is, it runs along the Rocky mountains.... most of our water source. If that may be the fault that "goes" from the top of our Continent to the bottom and possibly other faults "give" with it. There goes our water source.

I heard the Lord say to me about a week ago "Water will be more valuable than oil"

I was at loss as to what to do about it. I am a single mom, I am not in the position of investing, but i feel it would be very important that Christians of integrity own these water wells.

I told the Lord I didn't know what to do about it, He would have to alert others who were in the position to.

One more thing, 12 years ago My family was driving through the Rockies in Canada in the area of Golden British Columbia. The Lord gave me an open vision of the WHOLE Mountain range FULL of water. all the valleys were full. But not in a good way; in Negative way.... I wept openly for the few hours we drove through them. The Lord told me then to intercede for the waters in Canada. It was important. That the wrong people would try to take our waters from us.

I forgot about that vision until the Lord led me to seek Him in a Mountain place I go to an hour from here that i go to once in awhile. It is my "portal to heaven" place. I was there a week and a half ago and He gave me the open vision again.

I do not know when this will take place for sure, I do believe that because of intercession we may have gained some time. I do not know if this is the correct interpretation. I don't know....

all I know is to say what I am shown and let those in authority discern from it.

He also said after Japan ( and Tokyo) there would be a series of events..... things would happen one after another and in places one would not expect or haven't had trouble for a long time.

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things are shifting up toward hyperdrive events it seems...scary...terror of the Lord