Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An interesting Prediction on Jan 1, 2011 Kind of New Agey...but seems to be sound otherwise

This has been attributed to a new age type woman by the name of Sharón Lynn Wyeth. I was looking for something else, ran across this on a chatboard. Wyeth doesn't seem to post anything about it. However, the whole vision of the future as influenced by someone, something, astrology or another spirit has some level of co incidence with what is being said by so many Christian Prophets. It makes me go HMMMMM. Maybe it does you as well. In any case, it's worth reviewing with the same eye of judgment that you would give any prediction of future events. There were soothsayers in pagan courts all thru the times of the Bible. Sometimes they spoke with accurate (if demonic) soothing. There were false prophets in the time of Jeremiah he had to rebuke. Just because a person professes Christ doesn't make them a good prophet. Just because a person buys into strange doctrines and new age voodoo makes it impossible for them to see behind the veil a bit. I found this interesting and unusual. I give it no more or less credibility then that.

(1) Barack Obama
As I continue to say since before he was initially elected, Obama is a one term president and he may not even run for reelection. Doesn't matter what it looks like today, he will not be reelected. He's going to get really embarrassed or caught at something within the first three months, like a full blown affair going on, or something like that, could even be a bribe. He's got a difficult year ahead on
almost all fronts.

(2) The New Republican congress
They will not do as much damage to the democrats as they would like as garbage will still get passed, however, they will slow down the amount of stuff getting passed.

(3) The economy
It will start by looking as if it is not going to continue on its current decline, then appear to be recovering for the first half of the year, but we are in trouble and by July everyone will know it. It appears as if something happens with our money/stock markets in February or March which is negative; the poor will shout with joy and the rest will shake their heads in utter amazement at the stupidity of the actions. Prices for things that used to be relatively inexpensive, such as water, fabric/thread, food, gasoline, and basics will continue to rise to the point that just about everyone is making their priority lists as they can't just go get whatever they want. More and more
areas of the US will stop using the dollar or start using alternative means of exchange. The world is moving toward using three world currencies, the dollar, the euro and the yuan or rmb (Chinese currency). This action is the largest threat to the dollar and causes the U.S. dollar to massively decline in value, which in turn causes the prices of imported goods to rise significantly. To slow this down, it is important to only buy products made in the USA.

(4) possible conflicts
In Iran, and the US and Israel are both independently just waiting for an excuse to go in there; north Korea will start messing with its enemies that are geographically closer to it as trial runs for possible conflicts further away later, they are testing the waters so to speak; China will continue to move in the direction of their desire
of world domination and leadership without very many countries willing to challenge them; there is continued movement,currently by large illegal immigration of Chinese people into Russia, as a step toward China's goal of gaining/taking some of what is currently Russia's land due to the natural resources there; conflict in the U.S. as more and more foreign troops that have been training on our soil appear in the streets in their dull uniforms as a pretest to training here, but really to help keep order here. This appears to be a precursor action, or testing grounds, by our government, to turn our country into a police state without freedoms.

(5) Around the world, including here, mass migration of large groups of people to different areas due to weather, economy and survival needs; this is the sixth year after Katrina and it will be a year that makes Katrina look small as more and more hurricanes hit land masses, including Houston, New Orleans, and Miami. All island chains are in danger with the exception of Hawaii. Earthquakes around the world keep
getting stronger with continual aftershocks. The one to watch in the US is the Madrid fault as it will cause the Mississippi to widen and flood starting south of the Illinois border; California will continue to have medium range earthquakes but they will come faster and faster together, not the BIG one, but so many smaller ones, around 5-6 on the Richter scale that California will have devastation problems. The year 2011 is collectively, around the world, worse than any previous year and will make 2012 look like peaceful and dull in comparison. Japan is in trouble with its earthquakes and consequential tsunami's as the water has no where to go but to flood the islands. Hokkaido is the only relatively safe place there.

I have learned that we go in 6-6-7 year cycles so that an earth theme continues for that long before changing. 2011 is the last year of our second 6 year cycle and will be the last year of "The years of taking" before the 7-year cycle starts which are called "The years of tears and sacrifice" before mankind's heart will be open to love and
cooperation so that mankind can grow spiritually and have that be the focus. We will see the beginning of the change from the US's role to the world from being the policeman to becoming the spiritual leaders. Weather will be the biggest challenge as too much rain and flooding in some areas, think coastal areas or areas near water, to droughts in others, think mainly inland areas. This will be the last full year that social security checks will be issued. People will start to realize that they may never retire and retirement starts to become an idea of the past. It is the old way of thinking and will not serve in the new way of thinking that is emerging. Large numbers of people die this year in cataclysms and those fortunate to survive will not have
the world coming to rescue them as there are too many that need help in too many places in too short of a period of time. The earth is getting ready to rock-n-roll and shift its geographical plates, so it is warming up this year and starting to stretch.

On the positive side; people will start community building more and figure out who are being helpful and who are not. Peaceful people will become less tolerant of those that expect to be served and of unearned authorities. More singles who feel they will never find the right mate will find their mates and the divorce rate will start a significant
decline the second half of the year. The first half of the year is a great time to work productively and get a lot done. It is important to use this time wisely by putting your goals on paper and then asking yourself daily, what can I do in the next ten minutes to help me accomplish these goals?

Tremendous opportunities will open up this year for initiatives, for people who are forward thinking, for people who are willing to work hard for their dreams. The willingness to work will be the great divide between the haves and the have-nots. This is the year to take smart risks and have them pay ff. This is the year that people who have been doing their spiritual work for God start to really see that work being pushed forward and magnified. (This is a 2-3 year process depending on the individual before they feel they have "arrived".) This is the first of what will be called the transition years from the old way of thinking to the new, from old paradigms to new, from being self-serving to serving others equally with self. This year has tremendous possibilities for people who are able to stay out of fear and stay flexible. When playing a hand of cards, you wait for certain cards to show up, and if not willing to see multiple possibilities, and adapt your strategy as the hand progresses, you may lose the hand. That is what this year is like; if you plan on winning the hand, stay open to the magnitude of possibilities that this year holds.

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