Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Should a Prophet or an Apostle be on a Church Board? Or even be a member of a church that Votes?

This question came to me when I was returning from a meeting of some board members from a ministry I am part of. Was there at the founding of this ministry.

Then it hit me...Can a Prophet or an Apostle Really be an equal voting member of a board? I considered the Book of Acts and all the Apostolic Epistles. I don't see it occurring like that.

Here's the rub....I'll speak as a Prophet, but an Apostle is in the same boat; a board hears ideas, the ideas are discussed and then at some point a vote is taken. Each vote has the same value. They are counted and a decision has been made. Matthias is elected. OK he was voted in by a pair of dice, if that's better, the concept was the same. We never heard from him again.

That is not the way it should be in Ecclesial Government. The counsel of Elders with Prophets and Apostles should meet to hear from the Lord. The group needs to hear the vision and assignment of the Apostle. The Group needs to hear what the Prophet is hearing from the Throne room. The group needs to feed back confirmation. Not vote.

A vote indicates that all votes are the same. IF An Apostle is Sent from God on a divine assignment, If a Prophet hears from the Throne and says what God says, then how can any human vote carry any weight at all compared to that? Surely there is a place for discussion, but how can there be a vote. It would be like voting against the Word of God. Against God's voice. Bad plan.

A proper Ecclesial government is an Apostle and a Prophet and a few trusted others who consider the word of the Lord delivered. The apostolic direction and the prophetic vision must be in the same direction. Unity. Single Vision. Two Visions equals Division.

I have been part of this kind of governance and have seen it done right. I have also seen it done wrong as when elders insist on vote for consensus. When the Apostle or the Prophet doesn't agree with the decision there must never be the God Trump. "That doesn't witness to my Spirit. OR I don't hear that as the word of the Lord". It's critical at a time like that for all egos to be put aside. For solemness and silence until God speaks clearly.

Yes there is a time as in the Book of Acts for an apostle to face down another apostle. There is a time when a Prophet will define what is about to happen if things don't change, Paul and Agabus.
There is a time when a Prophet must come to an Apostle or to leadership and pronounce a warning of a wrong direction.

Yet, if the voice of God isn't heard someone will try to move the Tabernacle of God without authority and that will result in shipwreck. I am seeing it right now. Out of balance ministries without the right balance of the Prophetic and Apostolic and that without prayerful support.

No church should be run by committee nor by vote. And I'm not sure any Prophet or Apostle should be a voting member of any organization over which they are to have Governance.

If you want to belong to something where you can vote, there's always Rotary.

Otherwise be who God called you to be....and Rule Righteously.

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prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

oh this is so true....if only more churches even let the apostle and prophets lead....i always saw the Prophet kinda on the outskirts looking in,,on the edge ofthe church but coming in with advice guidance and many churches really honor the office of the Prophet today...i dont see many here inmy areas