Thursday, March 3, 2011

Solomon had no Prophet...and he fell into apostacy - A prophetic warning

I have Been pondering a question. Who was the Prophet to Solomon? I can find none. David had several trusted prophets and Nathan his chief prophet at his side as he reigned. The other righteous Kings and some not so righteous all had prophets in governance, instruction and correction. Only Solomon did not. He heard directly from God and perhaps for that reason didn't or wouldn't hear from a Prophet.

If you read the end of his life, while he was a great builder, a wise man, a man of tremendous wealth and he went shipwreck at the end of his life. I know many great leaders today, Apostles and other Leaders who do NOT have a governing prophet to speak truth or define error when they drift off course. If Solomon had one, he didn't hear him.

Just like so many powerful men of God today, men who are builders, men who are wise and who accumulate great resources unto themselves...but they fail to hear the Word of the Lord from a Governing Prophet. Those men are vulnerable. They have prophets who tell them what they want to hear, but none who will say, "Apostle, Senior have drifted out of the Will of God"; or even as Nathan..."Thou art the Man". When will we get balance back in the body of Christ? Deception will cause a great Apostle to drift, to become distracted, to become dissipated by sin or greed.

Apostles NEED Prophets, true prophets to speak truth to them...even if it hurts.

IF you are an Apostle or Senior Leader and you have NEVER had a Prophet come to you in significant correction of error, you don't have a Prophet among you, you have a mascot. When I say error, I don't mean doctrinal, it could be that, I'm talking directional. Things that are being allowed in the house. Difficulties coming up. Traps and land mines in the future.

Apostles that are good at hearing from God from themselves are the most vulnerable. Look at Solomon. He heard the audible voice of God and yet was led into gross apostasy.

The church must be built on the foundation (governance) of the true prophet and the true apostle. One is not greater than the other. Both are essential. There is no hierarchy. They together hold up the Church by the power of God.

IF there is only an apostle over a house, if there is no voice of the Prophet, not speaking over the congregation, speaking directly to the apostle of the house in concern for the sheep, then the house will fall.

I can't emphasize this enough. The face of Solomon is before me. The Lord said to me,
"I do many things for the sake of history, for those that went before as I did for Solomon. I would have taken his life long before but for his father David. I will not allow my house to be blasphemed. I want leaders in my house who will hear my voice saying, "this is the way, walk ye in it".

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prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

scary, saw a lady on youtube prophesying all kinds of stuff and adding and controlling her followers......theres got to be overseers in ones life...
Id rather be an unknown steeped in the word spoken over and expressive in my quite corner till God calls me all the way out..meanwhile,,,everyone get under a mantle of a prophet elder or apostle and hang on....