Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Religion encourages a VICTIM mentality. God encourages a VICTOR mentality by Jeffrey Stewart

My Friend Jeffrey Stewart wrote this and it has impact for those who do not see themselves as victors....

VICTIMS complain because they live by what is seen. VICTORS praise because they live by what is unseen. VICTIMS perish in the wilderness. VICTORS inherit the Promised Land. VICTIMS go into great detail describing the giants that opposed them. VICTORS go into great detail describing the Faithfulness of their God. VICTIMS see defeat before the battle ever occurs. VICTORS see victory before the battle ever occurs. VICTIMS walk by fear because they walk by sight. VICTORS walk by faith because they do not walk by sight.

Religion encourages the mentality that Adam experienced after the Fall. Condemnation, fear, weakness, defeat. God encourages the mentality that Jesus experienced after the Resurrection. TOTAL DOMINATION OF HELL, DEATH, and the GRAVE, TOTAL VICTORY over the enemy.

Religion encourages living as if the Cross never occurred, in condemnation, guilt, and weakness. God encourages the mentality that the Cross was a PERFECT WORK, that for believers, it is as if THE FALL NEVER OCCURRED, that we can walk in Boldness before our Heavenly Father, before the devil, and before our fellow man.

Religion will say "Yes, Jesus died on the Cross for you, but ..." when explaining why you should not take God at His Word. Why you should not believe that the Father completely accepts you, that by His Stripes you were healed, etc. God says "BECAUSE OF THE CROSS, ALL OF MY PROMISES TO YOU ARE YEA AND AMEN!!!!"

The Lord wants His People to walk as VICTORS, in full awareness of what Jesus did on the Cross for us, in full awareness of who we are to Him, to the world, and to the enemy. To walk in full awareness of our Heavenly Citizenship. To walk in full awareness of our Sonship. To cast aside the thoughts and ideas that religion has encouraged all these years, to step into ALL JESUS PURCHASED FOR US, TO MOVE INTO THE FULLNESS OF ALL HE HAS FOR US, AS HIS ROYAL FAMILY, releasing the resources of Heaven into a hurt and dying world, setting the captive free. Leaving the weak garments that religion has dressed the Bride in for so long, replacing them with the robe of His Glory, so the world will see that Jesus is God and that He died to set men free.

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