Friday, March 11, 2011

Reading what the Lord said is like reading the Newspaper today or watching CNN

At the end of 2010 I sought the Lord for a word for the year to come. After today's events I decided to go back and review what he said in December. This is what he said. The word of the Lord is truth.

From the Word of the Lord for 2011:
There will be great upsets in the year to come in the physical. Birth pangs. There will be earthquakes, center of the USA, California, Alaska, far east. The weather will be severe as a norm. VERY COLD. VERY HOT. Abnormal will become normal. The groaning will become audible. Place all your expectations in ME. The world around you is changing fast, it's of ME, yet I change NOT!

Some of this will be as never before. These birth pangs have not been seen before. I will use the pain of this to cause many to cry out to ME. Have you not read MY book, the Last One how I use various circumstances to cause those who will, to cry out to ME?

Europe: Backlash and restraint. Re Order

Africa: Divided and Dark. A pall hangs. Much yet to be done, but MUST be done by Africans. Not all help is helpful.

The higher prices for commodities will act as an insidious tax on the economies of the world. It will create such contraction that in fact the predictions of $5 oil in the USA will fail to come to pass in the short term. People will stop using as much oil as the price goes higher. This will manifest in the world. And the price of Oil will retreat. There is no shortage of oil in the world, there is a shortage of cheap oil. But Oil cannot go up in price forever. When economies collapse, oil prices will too.

States, cities and individuals have no such power. Right now many states in the USA are bankrupt. Many cities as well. The primary cause of this bankruptcy is pensions owed to individuals who work or worked for the states and cities. These pensions are unpayable. There is no political will to deal with this. The result is that defaults will happen. There will be no checks sent. Riots and other forms of civil unrest will happen. Unions will attempt to muscle money out of the public sector. The public sector has no money. So the public sector will attempt to muscle the money out of the private sector. This is a screw the people mentality. It will in fact result in violence we have not seen in this nation in decades.

There will come dangerous days ahead. Danger that lurks because of evil men who are driven by demonic impulses. When the days ahead are the darkest, the danger from upheaval that could even end the life of your President is real. Late autumn is when the difficulties will have been at fullness as the time when these plots will manifest. Only the prayers of the saints can preserve him. IF MY PEOPLE....HUMBLE and PRAY...I will HEAL.

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