Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Comment Worth Reading

I made a post a while back regarding the danger of partnering with the wrong people will take you down as a minister. It's a critical word and worthwhile. You can find it in the comments HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gene,

Good word. I could use a fat dose of this light myself!

I've been thinking about the issues you mentioned quite a bit lately. I've had such a feeling of... discomfort (?) with posts I'm reading on facebook. Left and believers spouting their revelation of the "true truth" as if everyone else's truth is somehow watered down, less true, immature, etc. I don't have a problem with revelation. I need some of my own. But I do have a problem with this sense of pride that comes with it. It's very much us vs. them theology. Against our brothers and sisters! It seems so divisive. So egotistical. It makes me want to give up... or gag... or both! I don't think I'll ever have this "revelation" that they're so anxious for everyone to embrace, as if it's the only thing to believe in.

And it's funny... with that divisiveness, it's almost like watching people with some spiritual bipolar. One week, it's ONLY about ______. And the next it's the complete opposite. "ONLY ABOUT... (fill in the blank)." It's like witnessing a bloodbath. I don't get it. Do they think that this type of "witness" is going to benefit anyone? I tell you, I've seen more backbiting and quarreling and downright harshness among Christians than those who are not. It makes me feel sad. And I feel like backing up... slowly... slowly... so that I'm not the one getting it in the neck!!!

I don't know if it's facebook... and the less personal way of dialoguing with people that comes with it... but I find myself thinking all the time, "If you think you have it all together, quit wielding your truth (of the week) like a weapon, and love someone. Disciple someone." Because LOVE is what changes people, in my opinion. I don' tknow.... it makes me really sad.

I feel challenged to keep my heart right! I do! I read comments and I feel angry and upset! Because I think I'm a THEM in their equation. I feel like an outsider, and yet, if I'm in the family... can't I find a place at the table? I think I'm someone who will never "get it" the way they do.

I know this wasn't the point of your whole post. I just related to your "us vs. them mentality" that you mentioned. Because I think I am a them. And with the backbiting.... I might want to stay a them. That's pathetic, but true at the moment.

Keep on keeping it real, Gene. I'm so grateful for the measured words of God you offer up. God bless you abundantly for it...