Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Lousy Plumbline We Are

We live in strange times in the Church of Jesus in the land.

We assign creditability to things that aren't and ignore those that are.

It's amazing that the Body of Christ in the western church survivies at all.

Here's how Credibility is measured in the Western Church Culture:
  • How many you running now?
  • How many can your building seat?
  • What was your salvation and baptism Q per pew foot last fiscal year?
  • What Conferences do you have scheduled this year?
  • What books have you written lately? (I ran across a guy who has written 150 books in the last 5 years. WOW. They must be very thin books)
  • Is your church growing or declining in numbers.
  • Do you have a radio/TV program?
  • Have you been overseas ministering lately?
  • Are you getting plenty of invitations to speak?
  • How's the giving at your church? Any big hitters?
Is it any wonder that the Western Church is in trouble while the eastern, African, South American and Indian church asks no such questions.

IF you don't have a building and a ready congregation to be milked you are of no importance to the big shot Apostle Prophet Evangelist Teacher Pastor to come and do his or her dog and pony show for a "Love Offering". Just like in China...right? PHOOEY

JESUS, creator of all the universe, failed bitterly in ministry if you measure HIM against the standards we measure "Success" in the western church.

He had a few women who gave, he was rejected to speak in many places (they tried to kill him), didn't travel out of the country, once he ran off hundreds of followers until a handful were left (Lousy church growth strategy), wrote no books by his own hand, conducted no formal announced conferences (they just happened because he carried a powerful message and didn't have to promote them on facebook), had no building, no one could sit, didn't have a steady congregation, few actual recorded salvations (there were many, but most after he left).

IF we went to countries where Jesus is being preached faithfully in house churches, huts and hovels, it would be as if we are speaking a different language talking about our measurements for success.

There is only ONE success. A culture and society that changes because we were faithful.

Turning the whole world upside down. We should do no less.

I have a theological question.....Can we just get over our bad self?

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Unknown said...

Wow!! You've hit it right on the head Gene!!!