Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When the word of God is released in a man

No one understands the Power present when the word of God is released in a man. Moses was one such. Jeremiah. Ezekiel. God spoke and they were changed, and were released on a mission.

In the last couple years God has given me the responsibility to speak to several saints of God a mission that he had called them to accomplish in HIM.

I didn't define the mission. The mission was already in their hearts.

When Father asked me to release the mission they already had, they were astonished and took after it with vigor and and understanding that this was a mission from God.

Today these men and women are fulfilling the purposes of God in their life. Doing exploits.

If it hadn't been me, if others came along and spoke the same thing, if they would have done it anyway, I don't know. I DO know that after the mission was declared, they acted in faith and confidence in Creator God. Souls are being saved, the Kingdom of God on Earth is being established.

And THAT is why I believe and rely so much on the power of the Prophetic in the Body of Christ.

I pity those without it, who's counsel is other than HIM.

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