Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kim Clement Last Night in St Charles

Kim Clement, a renowned prophet of God was in St Charles last night. I was there.

I know many came to hear what he would have to say about the US Economy. Many have misunderstood what he says. I know that many have read things into his prophetic utterances that causes them to mis-quote him.

Well, I get Kim Clement. He's a true prophet. He's an encourager. He is a builder of faith and an imparter of HOPE. But, you must be careful NOT to read into what he says, what you want to hear. Reading between the lines, listening carefully, having a God mindset will help anyone wanting to receive from his ministry.

Here's the reality. I have studied things David Wilkerson says, John Paul Jackson, Chuck Pierce and weighed them with Kim Clement. We are to do exactly that.

They do NOT contradict one another. In fact they support one another. What might even be more weird is Kim most likely doesn't understand fully what he says. He might be the least qualified to give explanation.

As a prophet often I bring a word and can't tell you what it means exactly until it manifests. There, that was it. I suspect most of the old testament prophets were the same. They saw in shadows, types and forms but not in detail. Shadows don't have much detail.

SO, I will at some point condense and post what I heard. What I heard last night was encouraging and faith building. That's a good place to start for the future.

Today is the tomorrow you and I believed for Yesterday.


Ron McK said...

If you have to read between the lines" to understand what Kim Clement, how do you know that you are "reading into what he says, what you want to hear".

Kim probably is a prophet, but he has a tendecy to ramble, that tends to produce confusion. He would be a more powerful voice, if he could be more precise. Speaking clearly is an important aspect of the prophetic calling.

Gene said...

Ron, I don't add or subtract from what he says, but, since he isn't a "Call out sin or difficulty" prophet, since he sees redemption and restoration in everything, he tends to speak to those kinds of things.

Even tonight as I attended the meeting once again, I heard him talk about sudden reversals of distress and debt. I'll post some of the words.

The reality is he is careful to NOT give a timetable. He is careful to keep it in the eventually catagory.

Just like Isaiah.

It was once again great tonight. He is misunderstood because people want more clarity than he is authorized to give. When he prophesies he is encouraging and wants to build faith.

But at the same time, he tries to use his gift to offer hope.

If I have a criticism at all it is that some people read into what he says that what Kim speaks is going to happen next Thursday.

I told a friend, we have a blessed hope in prophecy. We must NOT allow ourselves to put times and dates on that hope.

Kim needs to caution folks.

Anonymous said...

He's too oblique. I think he should sit down with a Bill Hamon type and get some of fundamentals down. Has he ever been mentored? He doesn't appear to be. Too reckless. He seems to be more effective at delivering prophecy to individuals and local churches than at speaking prophetically to social and national affairs. Maybe he overstepped his calling?

psaturn said...

ckr, I believe Bill Hamon and Christian International are the ones that sent him as a prophet...I will have to check it out to make sure.

psaturn said...

So far, I get references that he is ordained thru Bill Hamon's CI and that in 1983 Bill Hamon recognized Kim Clement as a prophet.

Anonymous said...

Psaturn...I think Mr Clement is a prophet, just not a very good one. It's said that how a man dresses says a lot about him. Mr. Clement portrays an image of raw individualism to say the least. How many 50- somethings dress like him? Play music like him? Though superficial observations, this may point out an inward disposition to resist conformity, even among those in the Prophetic community. Hence, suggestion and correction may be hard pills for him to swallow. His revelations are largely unintelligible and therefore unuseful.