Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One word from the glory—"Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!"

Today's message from Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda

Step into the vibration of faith and glory that comes from His presence, and become a carrier of signs, wonders and miracles. You can release the healing word and power of God in every aspect of your life, your family, your church and your nation! This is the believer's mandate—the "Go" of the gospel given in the Great Commission (see Matt. 28:19).

God is always with us. We are filled with the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. We are carriers of His glory and have been anointed to extend His kingdom through signs, wonders and miracles.

One of our first obligations at this time is to pray. God is raising up a mighty army of watchmen, awake and ready to arise that His glory might shine on the earth in the midst of great darkness.

There may be areas in your life and in our nation that you look at and say, "Comatose!" The experts may be saying, "Let's pull the plug." But God wants you to stand as intercessors to welcome the Holy Spirit and battle against powers and principalities. He wants you to say with conviction to the "sleeping" things, "Wake up!"

We believe that the shofar is blowing for another great awakening and that the Lord is speaking to His church, to this nation and to the nations, "Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!" We are praying for God's mercy and restoration of our country's godly heritage, for a turn-around in our economy and for a great awakening across our land.

The history of the United States—and the world—in 2009 and beyond will be shaped by believers who will humble themselves in fasting and prayer. We invite you to be one of them.

Remember, you are a carrier of the glory!

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