Friday, August 14, 2009

Prophetic Blindness to Signs in the Sky

There are not YET signs in the sky, but if there were, many who claim to flow in the prophetic wouldn't see them.

It would interfere with their next conference. The next meeting. Can't have any clouds like a mans hand. No scrolls rolling back allowed.

Just let me get up on that platform, have a rocking worship band, set the room auditorium style and put a microphone in my hand. And, take up that "Love Offering".

Who gave that gift brother or sister prophet? Freely given freely give?

There are signs all around, things are in rapid change. Prophets, do you not see it?

Prophets, PROPHESY!!

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Anonymous said...

There was a movie made in 1992 with Steve Martin called 'A Leap of Faith". It was spot on in its presentation of the charismania which inundated Christianity during the 1980's and 1990's.
The main character, Jonas Nightingale (Steve Martin) hustled the people with all the bells and whistles like the big show it was. But at the end, when there was a miracle it was a miracle of faith for the townspeople who had lost their hope in God.

Kinda reminded me of Lakeland.