Thursday, August 27, 2009

John Paul Jackson Prophesys the Perfect Storm

Very difficult days are ahead. If you want to have a glimpse, you will want to read this disturbing word from John Paul Jackson. I have seen him and heard him often. I won't endorse this, but I will make it available. The world is on the brink of something. Maybe it's this:

FIVE ELEMENTS OF THE BREWING PERFECT STORM As in the movie The Perfect Storm, the storm I see coming to the United States is a combination of more than one element, and when the elements unite, the storm becomes exponentially more dangerous. However, unlike the movie, this storm is not just a storm of merging weather patterns. This storm is worse; it involves five different elements: religion, politics, economics, war and geo-physical events.
The whole prophecy is too long to copy here. I'll let you go to the link. You have been warned.

Here is an interview where he talks about this prophecy.
It's worth watching.

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