Monday, August 10, 2009

The Nine Gifts of the Spirit are for OTHERS

I won't rehearse them here. I suspect you can name all nine from 1 Corinthians 12 with ease.

The other night in worship I was impressed by the Holy Spirit that the nine gifts flow out of us as we flow into others lives. It's all flow. It's all for the release of the power of God for THEM.

Encouragement, Support, Healing, a Miracle, Interpretations, Wisdom, Discernment, Faith... etc.

They are not for YOU or ME to keep and enjoy, they are for everyone to receive freely and freely give.

That's why two chapters later Paul writes that these gifts should be in action, released, in play at every meeting of the Body of Christ. He gives a model. They should come from one another. They should flow in fluid Body Ministry.

When I heard the leader of a Church I have loved for a long time say that "We've gone Beyond needing to hear from God in our meetings" I knew that fellowship was destined to fail.

Unless he (the leader) repents, (here's the prophetic part) God will withdraw. That church will close up shop in a year. Write it on the wall. Ichabod has been hung above the door.

Why would Spirit of God empower his people to minister to one another and then why would the leadership of that Church decide that they no longer want nor need the gifts of the Spirit in flow in the meetings?

I am saddened by all this. This used to be a model 1 Corinthians 14 church. Now it's like every other formless dead religious event. Form but no power.

Like having an airplane but not flying... A big bomb when the enemy comes and not using it.... a huge uncanceled check in the drawer with the mortgage due.

I think if I were to say what God says about this, I would use the word BLINDED. Stiff necked. Rebellious.

How does this happen, but it seems to...Always.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps the pastor meant what he said as you have understood it but could the pastor have meant that some take the gifts to an idolatrous level?

Gene said...

What used to happen was people from the congregation, it's not large, from time to time would bring a word, a vision, a word of knowledge or wisdom, a prophetic word of encouragement or a tounge and interpretation. Many times there would be miracles, healings and other things of faith.

All of them made tangible the presence of the Lord manifested among and thru one another.

I love HIS presence, manifested among HIS Body.

Jesus said, you shall have no other God's and proclaimed the first commandment first.

How then could desiring to experience the presence of the Lord be idolatry.

It's not.