Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What to do When the Prophetic is Despised, Ignored or Hidden

Scripture is pretty clear. Paul says. Do NOT despise Prophecy. He wishes we all would prophesy. It's a precious gift. I need it. I desire it like I desire the bread of life He is.
It should be a normative part of everything we do in the Spirit. Three explanations.

Today I was encouraged by the Holy Spirit to offer a word of Prophetic warning to some unbelievers I have been part of a political forum with. I did NOT say, "Thus saith the Lord". I simply said, "As friends I want to offer you a word of Warning". Then I gave the word. Not couched in religious language. Not expecting anything in return. These are people I communicate with on a forum regarding political issues. BUT, they also know my ministerial calling. I don't trumpet it. They were offended and despised the word. You would be hard pressed to find a higher level of ridicule. If I had come and said, so and so on CNBC has said thus, they would have been more accepting.

This wasn't my opinion. This wasn't something I read somewhere. If I did, it wouldn't be prophecy would it. It was simply a word of wisdom by prophesy. I gave it to them without any thus saith the Lord. They surely wouldn't get that.

The rebuff didn't hurt. It did remind me: Do not speak in the hearing of a fool, For he will despise the wisdom of your words. Proverbs 23:9

I don't consider myself wise. I do consider Father of all Wisdom wise. If he speaks a thing directly thru a man or woman of God, I want to hear it. Even from my own lips. I often have aha moments when I hear what the Lord is saying THRU me.

Despising the Prophetic in my opinion is despising the Gift of GOD. SIN! For them I don't know. But in any case, Sin. Some little boys were killed when they despised an old bald headed prophet named Elisha. I don't call that down on them. They were just foolish. I won't offer that kind of word of wisdom again to them.

Some people, even in ministry, have made a choice to ignore the voice of God. To not have any spoken or written prophetic utterances prominent in the house of worship they are over. That choice that purposely ignores the word of the Lord means that if I attend or participate in those gatherings I am in a way embracing and even endorsing the exclusion or ecclesial control of the prophetic in those times where the 1 Corinthians 14 flow once was and should be. In this case, prophecy is not despised, it is ignored. Jeremiah is not ridiculed and placed in a pit, but kept in an outer court. Away from the people.

Sometimes this is because of some bad experiences that soiled the bath water. So in an effort to keep things from being complicated, the baby and the bathwater go out together.

I am not allowed by the Holy Spirit to endorse this by my participation. Glory that once was this house is no longer there because of a purposed silencing of the prophetic. It would grate against who God has called me to be to confirm such an error among those who certainly should know better. So I don't.

Sometimes the Prophetic is hidden. Is underground. In certain ecclesial cultures there is a difficulty where the Prophetic is concerned. People are ignorant of the gift. They don't understand it. They are unable, usually because of a lack of teaching or because of a lack of spiritual discernment to easily receive from the Prophet in a straightforward manner.

Father does not hold that against them. They are open to receiving a word of encouragement. They are ready for edification. The opportunity to do this is there. It is not squelched except by ignorance. Staying and functioning in the Call of God on my life in such a place is not against his will. OF THIS I am certain.

This is a Hidden prophetic voice issue, not intentionally ignored which I believe is rebellion against the Spirit of God and not despised which I believe is sin for some.

Therefore, I stay and continue in the Calling God has placed on my life, without apology, without need for approbation, willing to take the abuse and disdain from those who know not what they are doing.

In communicating with a dear woman of God I made this statement, "Unless you are willing to accept the ministry gift God has given thru his people you cannot receive from them".

In this case, those who despised will not be able to receive. Those who ignore will not receive because they choose not to even if they acknowledge the gift and those from whom it is hidden neither ignore nor despise and for them they receive as from a Ghost. They are. The Holy Ghost.
The Lord would say, "do not despise prophesying, I would that you all would prophesy. And some I call to be Evangelists, Some Teachers, Some Pastors, Some Apostles and some Prophets."

So then, what are we to do with the equipping gifts of Ephesians Four? If you have such a gift and the place you go despises or ignores your gift, what should you do?

Jesus tells us clearly in Luke 9:

Wherever you go, stay in one house until you leave the city. If they do not receive you and your preaching, then shake off the dust that is under your feet as a testimony against them.

The truth you need to understand is that it will be better for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for the city that rejects your testimony that the kingdom of God is near.

NOW, what would YOU do? I hope that explains some things.

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