Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Prophetic Word on the Spirit of Rebekah

There is a prophetic admonition to this but you have to know the background to receive this word.

There is a wonderful story of Rebekah in the book of Genesis. It always says wonderful things about God's plan and the wisdom of Eliezer (Abraham's Servant). I won't rehearse it, but you can read a summary of the story here.

Sixteen years ago, my oldest son was 26 years old and unmarried. He had been engaged once. Things didn't work out. He had been seriously involved, but nothing came of any of it.

His heart had been broken a couple times.

He was connected thru church with a family who's oldest child, was a charming young girl. She was 12 years old. She was able, had a servants heart and was to be admired. She had very much a spirit of Rebekah. I had met her a couple times. I liked her.

My son said to me once, "she's going to make some man a wonderful wife some day." I could see in his eyes that he loved her but because of the age difference was stand offish.

Carefully, I said, "Son, maybe that man is you if you are willing to wait for her". From that moment he decided to do just that. He never said anything to the parents or the young lady. He had to be very careful.

Three years later when she was 15 he went to the parents (who at this time loved our son like their own) and told them of his love for their daughter. By then, it was apparent to all that this love was reciprocal.

When she turned 17, he was 30 and they were married. Now, ten years later and four wonderful grandchildren later the Rebekah spirit has manifested fully. She is a wonderful wife to my son and I love her like the daughter we never had.

Last night I was at church picking up some plants from VBS. They were used for the Roman theme. There was a young girl there. Veronica. She is 12 years old. Second child in the family.

She insisted in helping me load the 25 or so (some very heavy) palms. Then she helped me water them. She helped me place them. And she did it with cheer. She did it with a servants heart. I never asked a thing of her, she just tried to be helpful. Like Rebekah.

I had the same thought about her I had about my Daughter in Law years ago. She will make some man a wonderful wife someday. Some young man is noticing this girls inner beauty. Her Rebekah spirit. Her willingness to "water camels", no matter what, is very attractive.

It stands in stark contrast to the spirit of the age that relies on externals, fads and pop culture.

I don't know Miley Cyrus but I don't think her spirit has a chance of equaling the spirit I saw in Veronica and Rebekah.

But, Miley Cyrus is the spirit of our age. Oh, one other thing, Veronica is Home Schooled. The spirit of the age is not infecting her from public schools.

Now, here's the word: Older women (moms) are to teach their daughters to comport themselves. It's not whats happening. Rebekahs are few among us. Those that are there are rare and to be treasured. If in fact a man is fortunate enough to marry one, he will do anything to bestow on her whatever he has. Raising a Rebekah is hard in this culture, but the Lord would say, She is worth more than Jewels. A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Proverbs 31:10. Become a Holy Ghost Jeweler producing girls of great worth, more precious than jewels. Don't let the world press you into it's mold. That just produces cheap junk jewelry in mass production.

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

This brought tears to my eyes for a variety of things. Beautiful! I've taken the liberty to post if on two of our networks UOP and Follwing His Voice.

This was my prelude to it:
"Prophet Gene is my friend. This was a great posting on his brings tears to my eyes. Just had to share it with you!"

Just so's you know. Keep being the Blessing that you are.
Your sister-Nancy