Sunday, August 2, 2009

Call to the Warriors

A Prophetic Dream and confirmation from Nancy Minor.

"Listen my warriors! Your struggles have not been in vain. Your trials have sifted you in a way to separate the true warriors from the ranks. You have been called to a higher plain because I have a mission for you. You must stand strong and go forward. This mission is unlike any I have sent you on in the past. This mission will bring great victories if you faint not. Do not get weary in your prayers for the enemy desires to wear you out. Take your eyes off of the natural and see into the supernatural. Reach up, reach out and see if I will not deliver ALL of your enemies into your hands. The time for sorrow is past. The time for war is at hand. Cast out no one but gather them into my kingdom. Do not judge anyone’s value for that is my task. I can make winners out of losers. I can raise victory from the ashes of your lives. I am in process with a new thing. Say not “God is about to” in any area. Say instead “God is”, for I am about a new thing, it is springing forth NOW. No tomorrow, not in a while, but NOW. I AM!! I AM!! Stand where you are for I am sending orders to send you to where I have ordained you be for this warfare. Enter into MY war room and see if I will not give you direction. It is I that will order your steps. Take no care as to where you will go or how you will go or when you will go. Hear and obey and I will direct, I will guide, I will provide for every step of the way."

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