Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Therory without Practice is Dead.. Apostle David Rogers

DELIVERED FROM SPIRITUAL THEORY: There is a dangerous spirit working its way throughout the church community. This demon is masked as INTELLIGENCE but is heavily influenced by PHILOSOPHY and NEW AGE SCIENTIFIC THEORY. The "GOSPEL" that they preach uses VERBIAGE, WORDS and PHRASES congruent to the CHRISTIAN FAITH but is void of ANY APPLICATION or DEMONSTRATION. (1 Corinthians 2:1-5) FAITH is not merely intellectual assent to grasp terminologies that have no APPLICATION nor POWER to be PERFORMED. But real FAITH, exercises SPIRITUAL POWER to AUTHENTICATE its PRESENCE. (Mark 16:15-20)

BE CAREFUL!! Many are PREACHING from their MINDS and not the SPIRIT OF GOD. They are preaching messages that they have NO AUTHORITY to preach and NO AUTHORITY to PERFORM. JESUS didn't just SPEAK WORDS, HE DEMONSTRATED POWER. CHRISTIANITY is a POWER and DEMONSTRATION FAITH, not a mere KNOWLEDGE and CONVERSATION FAITH. It is CLEAR from the last instructions that Jesus left the Disciples, "Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are ENDUED WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH". (Luke 24:49) He did not tell them to immediately go to PREACH without POWER. EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE and AUTHORITY is the KEY that separates CHRISTIANITY from RELIGION. (Acts 10:38) If there is NO POWER and DEMONSTRATION, its NOT from JESUS!!! ADR


Anonymous said...

humanism concerning Christianity=
a form of religion denying the Power of.Surely a problem of the today.

Anonymous said...

This beings up an interesting point. As I am currently working on a book. Input from whoever would be appreciated. We know the disciples rejoiced as the healed the sick cast out demons and return to Jesus.

This was before the book of Acts and contrary to what many preach the first to receive the Holy Spirit where those Jesus breathed on in John if memory serves after He was resurrected for it seems at that time the Holy Spirit had not been released to all.

They did not speak in tongues at that time...thought you all have a gift severally as the Spirit wills. I would you all spoke in tongues implying they all did not yet had a gift severally as the Spirit wills.

PAUL said I baptized in water none other than the few he did yet that baptism in Jesus name thru the gospel..is what he came to preach could it be lack of knowledge unbelief and wrong teaching right of the bat by so many stop people from comprehending they are new creatures in Christ created to be
the Temple of the Holy Spirit by whom they confess Jesus as their Lord ?
If so by refusing the command in 1 cor 14:37 done irrepairable damage to Gods plans and purposes. To the point of grieving vexing and quenching the Spirit continually all the way up until the coming of Jesus where He loses angels to gather out of the kingdom all that offend. just to have a people without spot or blemish who actually follow scripture acknowledge and obey the Holy Spirit...it's a bold statement but I would appreciate all input :)