Monday, March 3, 2014

Confusion and Distraction are the Devil's Tools for Blindness

True confessions. I can be blinded.  I can miss it.  I can be made to not see what was supposed to be seen. 

How?  No the devil doesn't come and put a blindfold on me.  He doesn't cause scales to form.  He does it by the Squirrel trick.  LOOK THERE'S A SQUIRREL.  When I should keep my eye firmly on the things that matter, he uses events, situations and people to cause me to look away.

I need the Word of God to help me keep my focus on what matters. 
  • Things above
  • Not looking at what lies behind
  • Eternal Not Temporal
  • What is good 

Those admonitions from scripture help me know that I must not let news reports and drama distort my focus.  Sometimes politics and culture cause me to lash out against what I see (note SEE) all around me and I call it out as error.

What I don't see is what lies beneath these distractions.

There is a balance... I seek it. To call out those things from which those called by HIS name must be aware and to be so focused that we find ourselves arguing over the color of the vestments while the Bolsheviks break down our church doors.

There is a chain where Holy Ghost pulls me back up short and causes me to realize I have taken my eyes off the prize...

That's a clever trick the devil uses.... remember this, there is no squirrel.

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