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Kim Clement: Concerning Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and the Jewish People Kim ClementMarch 8, 2014 – From The Den:

"Am I, the Lord, to be insulted? Am I, God, to be dictated to and told, 'He is unable?' What about Ukraine? What about Russia? You think I have looked away? No! I have prepared to strangle, to throttle the princes who have raised themselves up and called themselves kings before their time.
"This next week I will show you as a people that your prayers, your proclamations, your provision will make a difference. This nation has stood through much, but now I will rattle and shake each one of those who have usurped authority. Many would say the nation is going down, but," God said, "the only way down is up.
"I will show you that I will humble My people in such a way that I will cause the bright and shining star of this nation to shine like it has never shone before.
"And then I will take the people of Ukraine and I will remove them from the stronghold of that one calling himself 'King Putin.' King Putin, who are you? Nothing, without Me. Therefore I will do it, and I will do it swiftly; and out of the ashes of Ukraine I will bring glorious light, and My Church will prosper and My light will shine in Ukraine," says the Lord.

The Lord Shall Rule From Jerusalem, Israel
As Kim is praying for the nations of the world, he states: "Awake the glory of America, England, Ukraine, Russia, the East and the Middle East; South America, Norway, Sweden," then prays for Germany.
Watchman by Jennifer PageGod says, "Watch out. Watch out for Germany. Watch out," says the Lord. "The enemy has endeavored to tempt her again – endeavoring to tempt Germany to join forces with the wickedness of this earth. But there are saints in Germany; there are prayers coming from Germany as well, but yet it is being tempted at this hour to join forces or would stand and be passive.
"How can you be passive when it was in your land that you saw anti-Semitism? How can you be passive when you saw in your land the oppression of the Jews? And it is rising up again, where the Jews are being looked at," says the Lord, "where Israel is being looked at for the Jews in Ukraine, and the Jews in Russia, and the Jews in Germany, and the Jews in Europe."
God said, "Would they go through a holocaust again? No! It shall never happen again, for," God said, "once is enough. Now they have returned to My land, and because they've returned to My land, I shall rule from Jerusalem and I shall rule from Israel," says the Lord.
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And yet another of His Words fall to the ground but hey I guess America really intervened their. didn't they get a spy drone almost intact...........jeesh