Tuesday, March 11, 2014

There's a CHANGE in the WEATHER

Yesterday in our part of the nation it was warm.  Balmy.  Comfortable.  People began to say, the change we have been looking for, spring, is finally here.

It's not true today in our seeing.  It's coming but the early indications are only that.  Indications.  Today and tomorrow heavy snow and cold are coming to hit us once again.

Yet, in our hearts we KNOW that in a month or two there will be changes.  Warm.  Sun. Heat.  Growth. 

This is a picture of the Kingdom.  The Kingdom of God is just over there.  We know that things will change.  That the reign of the king is intact.  Yet we see all kinds of discouraging things in the earth.  All kinds of discouragement.  Politics, Culture, Entertainment, Media, it all seems so lost and corrupt. 

Still at the same time, a plum line of holiness is suspended before our eyes. If we do not take our eyes from that which from eternity was established by God, we will be able to see past the corruptions of our day.  We will see the Kingdom expanding.  We will see righteousness being established in strange and wonderful places.

Like the weather, if we only look at today, that will discourage us.  It is the inexorable heat of the Sun that brings what we desire, and though masked for a moment by snow, cold and rain, the Sun is not darkened... just out of our sight.

So the SON of Righteousness rises and shines on us.  We may become discouraged, yet in the perceived darkness the SON STILL SHINES.

Change is coming and it will make all things new...the Kingdom Expands.

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