Monday, March 31, 2014

People looking for the Devil where he isn't....

Many people are constantly on the alert for demonic things, people, actions, deceptions and activities.

The problem is when you label something as "Of the Devil" you cease all capacities to deal with that for the future.

Such are the pronouncements people make about certain preachers, teachers, book writers and Televangelists.  I don't follow them much any more. If certain ones come on the radio when I am traveling (Ravi Zacharias) I will listen.  Others, not so much.

The fact that some are profoundly wrong doesn't mean they aren't being used of God.  We are all on a journey.  Early in my Christian life I listened to and studied certain preachers today that I no longer believe were on the money.  YET they were helpful in my finding truth as I have found it.

This is my concern with seminary. With denominational seminary.  It becomes a closed loop.  One that has no potential of bringing people into higher understanding.   It creates intentional blindness like Saul had before the scales fell off. Worse it becomes a place where those who are outside a tiny bit of the orthodoxy prescribed by those professors and teachers is automatically rejected.   I am thankful for those brave men and women of the reformation who endured even martyrdom to proclaim fresh revelation.

The argument by those who would suppose to teach is that what others are teaching isn't "Biblical" or Orthodox.  Like somehow an angel of light came down and gave them a measuring stick.

Guess what one did...except it wasn't an Angel, His name is HOLY SPIRIT.  Most of those who are looking under every bed for a demon in other preachers and teachers are usually those bereft of the infilling and overflow of the Spirit of God who's prime manifestation in their lives is LOVE.

Sure there is a place to be careful, but don't crush those still on the journey just a little back in line from you.

It's a process.  One that must we worked out according to scripture with fear and trembling.

IF you seriously want to look for the devil and his demons they are actually easy to spot,  They are the ones who are (according to scripture) Killing, Stealing, Destroying, Lying, Turning People from the path, Tempting people into sin, amplifying flesh over Spirit and anything that takes one's eyes from the Father of All.  IF you are being pushed away from God, tempted and oppressed of the devil... that's your demon right there.  Not some poor schmo who is trying to preach a gospel message but has a few things wrong...

And they aren't under your bed.

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