Thursday, June 21, 2012

When it's NOT the Prophecy you Hoped for

There are a couple of sad/funny stories in the Bible. I'll let you look them up.

One is the story of Balaam who was hoping to prophecy to Balak and make a quick buck. It didn't happen the way the king who paid the bill for his prophetic impartation hoped it would. He didn't get his money's worth. It took an ass to stop the madness. It wasn't the prophecy the king wanted. Amusing story. Numbers chapters 22-24. Read it and smile at the futility of buying off a real prophet.

Another is the story of Micaiah who prophesied opposite of what King Ahab wanted to hear. There were 400 house prophets who told the King what he wanted to hear. They made a living on false prophesies. When Micaiah came to the King, he mouthed what the others had said in sarcasm. Ahab knew baloney when he heard it. So he said in essence, "tell me the truth". When he did it was bad news and the King said in exasperation, "The king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, “Didn’t I tell you that he never prophesies anything good about me, but only bad?” BUT it was the truth. 1 Kings 22:1-39

We have this in the Western Church today. Prophets that prophesy for gain, for a position in the church, for a seat in the front, for an offering, the hundred dollar line, the fifty dollar line or send an offering for a prophecy. Or some fancy oil, sand or holy water. It's all funny/sad.

If I have EVER prophesied over you wealth and prosperity, you can write it on the wall. You can stop it if you choose. You can short circuit your destiny. I know this is a short list because unless I see great prosperity coming your way I won't prophesy it. EVER. It is frustrating when I hear prophetic ministers (not actually prophets) prophesying this or that to people about how God is going to pour great wealth into different ones. I can sit there and groan. It's just not true of everyone. There is a place to enter into the provision and protection of God, but not EVERYONE will enter into great prosperity.

The same is true of leadership. Of ministry. Of anointing. Jesse had lots of sons but Samuel only anointed ONE. I'm afraid some of today's prophets I see would anoint them all. Balderdash.

We need to be less of a Prophetic Positive Thinking Motivational course and start telling the truth to people. A couple nights ago I prophesied to a dozen people or so. ONE is going to come into GREAT WEALTH. He has that destiny in his being. I laid hands on him and at once saw what is about to happen.

I told him.

I wouldn't say that if I didn't see it. We need fewer scatter-shot prophesies and more rifled, focused, aimed and carefully given words. I am saying this because the bad prophetic is ruining the office and I am defending my office.

So, know this. IF I have EVER prophesied over you and told you of a destiny not yet manifested, be patient or examine yourself on how you might be deferring the word of the Lord from manifesting in your life. IF I have NEVER prophesied this, it's not that it couldn't...I just didn't see it. When you don't get the prophesy you hoped for... live in the genuine Prophetic words you have.

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